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Lina Kim

Cassidy Huff encourages the younger generation, 'anything is possible'

Teenager with Dwarfism encourages that anything is possible as she works with DreamWorks


The young teenager began to dream big and now plays a role for a character on the hit DreamWorks series Spirit Riding Free: Riding Academy delivered on Netflix. Working with America's greatest songwriters such as Ed Sheeran, and Jamie Foxx she gained experience and hope to fulfill her dream. The keypoint of the DreamWorks character was to play a role that showcases the ability of those with disabilities. Encouraging many of the younger generations, Huff never ceases to strive for her career. READ MORE

Mike Pence: Powerful speech upon the nation. "Revival and Healing"

Mike Pence joined Franklin Graham's prayer march in Washington D.C


During the speech, Pence urged America to pray for the nation. "We want to urge you all to pray for all of those with public responsibilities in the executive branch, pray for all the members of the Congress of the United States, and pray for all the justices on the Supreme Court, including the remarkable woman that the president will nominate to fill the seat." Pence also exclaimed 'America is a nation of believers' READ MORE

Crews provide meals (SBR) Hurricane Sally

Hurricane Laura: 500,000 meals provided by SBDR volunteers


Here's an update of our Hurricane Laura response through this past weekend: Meals Prepared: 477,300, Gospel Presentations: 1,071, Professions of Faith: 254 Chainsaw Jobs: 946, Temporary Roofing Jobs: 102 Showers: 6,705 Laundry Loads: 3,559 (Thank you to our volunteers that continue to bring help, hope, and healing to the area in the name of Jesus. Pray for MS, AL, and FL as Hurricane Sally impacts the region.)READ MORE

Joshua Wong

Joshua Wong arrested in connections with an 'unauthorized assembly'


When coronavirus emerged in the city of Wuhan in December 2019, the anti-mask law targeted protesters who covered their faces to evade recognition on video recordings and CCTV footage. The Hong Kong democracy activist Joshua Wong held up a bail document after leaving the Central police station following his arrest for unlawful assembly. "Risk their freedom for their people's democratic right." READ MORE

94 year old couple invites Assisted Living Facility to 'Pray for America'

94 year old couple holds a prayer walk to pray for America


Looking up to Franklin Graham's positive idea, Betty and Bob immediately got involved after seeing thousands gather for Prayer March 2020 in Washington, D.C. Leading their assisted living facility in their own kind of prayer, the 94-year-old residents of Waterford held a prayer walk similar to Franklin Graham's prayer march. Knowing not many would be involved in their small prayer, Betty exclaimed, "We can get out on campus and we can walk. We can have our own walk." The couple informed how they evangelized through Facetime. Bob stated, "Everyone here has been notified of the walk." READ MORE

Archbishops faces the challenge of rebuilding the church in times of crisis

German Catholic Church losing priests and parishes


Many Catholics who grew up within the Church ministry believe 'there is no future in needing to drive 50 kilometers to the nearby service.' Susanne Ludewig, a Catholic in Kassel stated the church is 'tailored to the church.' With the ongoing focus on the roles of priests, many concerns are left behind the Churches in Germany. READ MORE

North Korea Pyongyang

South Korea Fisherman shot, killed, and burned to death by North Korean troops


South Korea's President, Moon Jae-in left a comment stating the incident cannot be tolerated and urged the North to be 'responsible' over the violent measures. BBC News stated that North Korean officials may be doing everything they can to ensure the country remains unaffected by the coronavirus pandemic. READ MORE

President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump

President Donald Trump and Melania Trump tested POSITIVE for Coronavirus


Trump officially announced him and the First Lady will be quarantined safely. Trump tweeted: "Tonight, @FLOTUS and I tested positive for COVID-19. We will begin our quarantine and recovery process immediately. We will get through this TOGETHER! READ MORE

Christian Persecution still exist in the nation.

Muslims Become True Believers in Christ In Central Asia


Christian persecution continues to increase worldwide in modern history. In Central Asia, the majority of who are Muslims, Christians live under persecution surrounded by Islam's dictatorship. Open Doors reported, 'Christians whose faith stands out more than usual during this time, God continues to work in people's hearts and bring them to Him.' Open Doors shares testimonies of Muslims who became Christian all from the glory of God. READ MORE

Chinese Teachers swearing allegiance to the Communist Party.

Chinese Catholic Teachers Banned and Denied from 'Freedom of Speech and Religion'


Chinese Catholic worshippers kneel and pray during Palm Sunday Mass during the Easter Holy Week at an "underground" or "unofficial" church. Because Schools in China are government-controlled, students were never taught about religion, democracy, or exposed to any criticism of the regime. READ MORE

Mike DeWine signed legislation Wednesday curbing his power to change Ohio elections and close houses of worship in the state.

Mike DeWine signed legislation to change Ohio elections and close houses of worship in the state


Ohio Gov. Mike Dewine signed the law which restricts local and state officials from closing churches or other houses of worship and from changing election dates. According to Cleveland, DeWine's signing of House Bill 272 follows criticism of him for postposing Ohio's March 17th primary election due to coronavirus fears. Leading many congregations to halt services, he once stated, 'holding in-person services would be a huge mistake.' READ MORE

Abby raises $13,000 goal now set to $50,000!

11 year old girl offers $32.20 to IMB and raises more than $13,000.

A young 11- year old girl, Abby Cavanaugh gave all of her hard-earned vacation money to Jesus. On September 15th, her vacation plans got canceled due to COVID so instead, she wanted to donate the money to the mission sending organization which is raising an estimated $4 million. Abby only carried $32.20 in her pocket which wasn't a lot but she reminded others that giving is more important than the cost. READ MORE

'Jesus Is Essential'

'JESUS IS ESSENTIAL' S.F demands churches to reopen amid protests


Relating to the Mayor London Breed's announcement, "one person allowed to enter the church," Archbishop once again stated with frustration, "Does that make sense to you, one person indoors at a time in a church? Is there a rational basis? Nobody has given me a ration basis for that." "We're here serving our people. We want to be good neighbors and partners so I don't understand why they're imposing these restrictions on us." READ MORE

Archbishop of San Fransisco leads a protest among believers

San Fransisco protests: "Government is mocking God"


During the protest, many are kneeled before God to ask for Freedom and changes within the community. Cordileone stated, "One person at a time in this great Cathedral to pray? What an insult. This is a mockery. They are mocking you, and even worse, they are mocking God!" READ MORE

Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief

SBDR successfully helped with Hurricane Sally in Alabama and Florida


According to the volunteers, they have served more than 93,700 hours, prepared more than 315,000 meals, and serviced more than 1,100 homes that had significant storm damage. Nearly 1,200 Gospel presentations were made as 263 people have made professions of faith in Christ. On Sept. 17th the church expected to see progress as they continued to assess the damages and begin the recovery process. READ MORE

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