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Lina Kim

Pastor Luo arrested VIA Zoom meeting

Pastor Luo in China arrested for online service


According to ICommitToPray, authorities in Wuhan seized the pastor of the Nanjing Road Church on Sat during an online Christian gathering. READ MORE

Americans are concerned financially.

One in four Americans have missed a bill payment since COVID-19 emerged


According to the survey conducted by OnePoll, Americans are saving money throughout the disaster by turning off lights, turning off appliances, (46%), closing windows or opening windows instead of AC (36%), and using blinds to adjust room temperature. (33%). READ MORE

Lifeway Research

How long should pastors stay away from preaching after committing adultery?


Many Christians may wonder, when a pastor commits adultery, how long they must be away from preaching or if they should withdraw from the public ministry for some time. As some pastors believe, every individual commits a crime because no one on earth is perfect as the bible states. READ MORE

Judge denies request for police action against church holding indoor services

Judge denies request for police action against holding in person service


In Ventura, California, A judge declined Tuesday to order the immediate closure of a Southern California church that held indoor worship services despite a temporary restraining order barring it from doing so. READ MORE

Billy Graham statue closer to replacing segregationist NC gov. in US Capitol

Billy Graham statue closer to replacing segregationist NC gov. in US Capitol


Regarding all the racism and discrimination, Billy Graham is one step closer to being installed in the U.S. Capitol to replace that of a former North Carolina governor who was a racial segregationist. Waiting for the approval, the votes are pending from a congressional committee.READ MORE

Church gatherings postponed until further notice

2,400 small groups worship at home due to COVID-19.


Throughout the pandemic, many Christians struggled due to the lack of engagement within the church community which tends to be very different from before COVID-19 when everyone was united. READ MORE

Abortion Ban

Nebraska's Gov. Pete Ricketts bans abortion


It is stated that any individuals who don't follow up with the law will be charged with a felony that comes with a punishment of up to two years in prison or a fine of $10,000. READ MORE

Christians are able to connect through Social Media to encourage one another

Through Social Media, Christians Connect in Middle East


Christians engage with one another as a brave young woman, Mariam spreads the love of God. READ MORE

Nick vujicic once again reminds Christians to encounter God.

Nick Vujicic: 'A beautiful new season for us.' Give yourself some time


"We should be kind to ourselves in the midst of life and the world not looking like "normal' as we imagined it to be by now. How are you responding to yourself in the midst of ever-changing life and reality? Do not give up, give yourself time." READ MORE

CA Court approves church as 'essential.'

John MacArthur’s church able to worship freely during Court hearing.


Trump, on the other hand supporting John MacArthur with his personal Attorney, has been gaining support from Christian believers. In conclusion, The California Court acknowledged that the church is essential. READ MORE

John MacArthur exclaims, 'California chose the wrong church.'

John MacArthur sues CA state over worship restrictions


"California targeted the wrong groups. California first lifted restrictions on gatherings that occurred outdoors, blessing after-the-fact the illegal conduct of the 'George Floyd' protestors." READ MORE

Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris: Biden's running mate


Kamala Harris became the district attorney and the top prosecutor for San Francisco in 2003, before being elected the first woman and the first black person to serve as California's attorney general. READ MORE

John MacArthur

John MacArthur doubles down on COVID-19 defiance


Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church is defying state orders that his church remains shuttered during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The Pastor announced his decision in a recent episode of the "Edify With Billy Hallowell" podcast. READ MORE

Franklin Graham

'Our nation is in trouble' Franklin Graham holds prayer march in D.C


"America is in trouble its in distress. But we do have hope. We need to pray now than more than ever we prayed before. Praying is the most important thing. Our communities are hurting, people are divided, there is fear, and uncertain air all around us." READ MORE

Mike Huckabee Former Governor of Arkansas

Mike Huckabee "For 2020 religious voters 'Biden is not an option"


Huckabee told "Fox & Friends Weekend,' "these are areas where if the government and society as a whole don't want to embrace a biblical standard, Christians just want to be left the heck alone. We don't want someone to impose a very secular leftist standard on the church." READ MORE

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