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Lina Kim

Dr. Sean P. Conley

Dr. Conley announced that Trump is no longer 'POSITIVE'


"In response to your inquiry regarding the President's most recent COVID-19 tests, I can share with you that he has tested NEGATIVE, on consecutive days, using the Abbott BinaxNOW antigen card." READ MORE

Guerrero now facing 3rd degree rape

34 year-old church woman caught raping a young boy in the backseat of a vehicle


Guerrero is now facing two charges of 3rd Degree Rape of a Child. The two are known to be met at a local church as the victim stated Guerrero knew that he was only 14 years old. According to the news report, Guerrero pleaded not guilty to the charges of child rape. READ MORE

Latinos' votes will make a huge impact for the November election

Large Groups of Latinos are voting for Trump


Nearly 20% of Latinos are rooting for Trump this upcoming election. A recent survey provided percentages of people groups and who they are supporting for the United States Presidential election the Latin Community and assumed evangelicals are most likely to vote for Trump. The Latino vote has risen to 30% nationwide according to Claremont Mckenna College. Many Latinos are currently expressing their support for the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at his campaign rallies. READ MORE

Fuller Theological Seminary

Fuller Theological Seminary sued after expelling two students who had engagement with same-sex


To enter FTS, The Fuller Theological Seminary stated the students were required to sign the agreement which states to 'follow faithfully throughout their training ministry and other religious services.' The Seminary learned that the plaintiffs had violated the standards and dismissed them as well as refunded their costs for the classes. READ MORE

NAMB Trustees gathered to celebrate God's provision

NAMB celebrates offering and looks to 2021 after believers made a huge impact


Now the trustees are looking forward to 2021 with a $99.9 million operating budget. Kevin Ezell mentioned in his statement, "2020 was the greatest Annie Armstrong Offering in the history of the NAMB. The faithfulness of Southern Baptists is absolutely incredible and to me, never demonstrated better than giving almost $50 million in the midst of an unpromoted Annie Armstrong offering in the midst of a pandemic." READ MORE

Thomas More Society Group is now in charge of this matter

A Priest filed a lawsuit against Gov. Newsom among nearly 20 other state local officials RE: COVID-19 restrictions


The Thomas More Society Attorney group is now helping the Priest with the lawsuit. The complaint mentioned the churches are being targeted to shut down unfairly within COVID-19.READ MORE

President Donald J. Trump

9 out of 10 evangelicals are voting for Trump


Even though Trump rolled out the $500B plan for the African Americans, they plan to vote for Biden 69%. On the other hand, the White evangelicals say they plan to vote for Trump 73 %. Donald Trump received 61% of evangelicals vote and Biden received 29%. As many are undecided to vote, many Americans with evangelical believer's votes are mostly leaning towards Trump.READ MORE

Christian Buchanan

Young mother who brought Christian to the world inspired mothers with similar stories


Doctors said her unborn son likely wouldn’t survive, but his now-viral story has inspired millions. A young 22-year-old law student mother, Lacey had brought her son, Christian to life, and inspired many who has similar stories. READ MORE

The Best Selling Audio Book

Mariah Carey "God was the only way I made it out of all my trips to hell"


Mariah Carey talks about how big the church community helped her with health issues and mind controls spiritually. She simply stated she always felt welcomed and felt like a daughter. "Having a family and God brought me back to my life in the light.""I believe a deep faith was awakened to me that day." READ MORE

Hillary Clinton's new podcast

Hillary Clinton mocks Christianity and stated the younger generations are currently leaving Church

During the 'You and Me Both Will Hilary Clinton' podcast, the former presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton argued Christianity is 'judgemental'. Throughout the podcast, Hillary mentioned the young generations are now more focused on equality, freedom, love, transformation, and justice. Clinton stated the Church should 'take a hard look at itself and try to figure out how it can be a real partner in this moment of moral awakening'. READ MORE

Chinese Kindergarten

Chinese Kindergarten teacher imprisoned for two years for teaching about Christianity


During the interrogation, Esther asked if she was able to hire a lawyer and officials denied. Stuck in hunger and fear, Esther's interrogation finally ended at 11 p.m. Esther questioned herself previously if there were any material based on the Bible in School. The officials ended up raiding the classroom for evidence and Esther was punished throughout the investigation. READ MORE

Florida based Haitian married couple

Married missionaries murdered and leaves 5 young children


The children leave a heartbreaking comment upon their parent's misfortune death. The son, Kevin Quetant spoke. "They were in their house where the invader came in and I guess found mom and dad, and shot both of them. The invaders ransacked their home and stole many of their belongings. It just feels surreal." The daughter, Tabitha Quetnat exclaimed with sadness, "They could have just taken everything and left them alone, they wouldn't have done anything. If I could speak to them now, I would just say mom and dad I love you and I thank you so much for the way you raised us." READ MORE

Former Priest misused $200,000 as he owed back $125,000

Former Priest misused $200,000 for his personal use


"At the end of those four years, the bishop may remove him from the priesthood or modify, sustain, or remove the restrictions on his ministry. The accord requires restitution of the misused funds to date, Trinity has received a check from the Re. Dutton-Gillett for $52,00 separately, our insurance company paid us the maximum benefit of $100,000 under our coverage for criminal acts." The letter stated. READ MORE

The Bible translated

The Bible is now translated into 700 different languages


Throughout the research, Bible sales have been rapidly increasing. In 2020, the amount of language increased to 700 from 300. There tends to be an 'unprecedented level of partnership among the Bible translation agencies.' READ MORE

Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine

Ohio Gov and Lt. Gov makes Sunday a 'Day of Prayer' for The White House


Ohio Gov. DeWine makes Sunday 'Day of Prayer' for President Trump, first lady amid COVID-19 diagnoses READ MORE

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