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Former Transgender Who Sued Healthcare Provider Says 'Avalanche Of Detransitioners' Coming Soon


A British man battling mental illness and gender dysphoria was left with no choice but to pursue gender transition when his health care provider advised him despite his prior refusals or else, he would be discharged from getting psychiatric therapy. READ MORE


AK Baptist Church Apologizes For Racial Discrimination Incident

First Baptist Church Pastor Steve Walter issued a public apology last Tuesday after a black woman claimed she and her family experienced racial discrimination from two unidentified white members for allegedly calling them “coloreds.”READ MORE


Abortion Facility Under Fire For Abuses Exposed By Undercover Video


After being under fire for killing five full-term babies, an abortion facility managed by Dr. Cesare Santangelo in Washington DC was being questioned about their abortion process and how they obtained consent after being exposed thru an investigation of a human rights organization. READ MORE


Feel Like An Underachiever? Here Are 5 Truths You Need To Know


At some point in human life, one might question his capabilities and compare himself to others. Some might wonder why other people can easily get what they put their minds to while others can’t achieve their goals despite putting in full effort and time.READ MORE


Medieval Christian Prayer Beads Located In UK's 'Holy Land’


Archaeologists recently discovered Christian prayer beads from the seventh to ninth centuries on a historic island in the United Kingdom known as "Holy Island."READ MORE


Court Dismisses Lawsuit Filed Against McLean Bible Church


A state judge had dismissed a lawsuit filed against McLean Bible Church that alleges senior pastor David Platt for violating the church’s by-laws to overturn the results of an election for church leaders. READ MORE


Is It OK To Ask God For Confirmation? 3 Reasons Before Asking


Westside Christian Fellowship Pastor Shane Idleman warned Christians to be careful on asking God for confirmations to avoid false leading. READ MORE


Necromancy? Big Tech Giant Amazon Uses AI To Bring Voices Of Dead Relatives To Life


Amazon developed a new feature for their company's digital assistant Alexa, allowing it to imitate a dead person's voices.READ MORE


Parents Who Were Told To Abort Children Make Guinness World Record With Their Quintuplets

A couple in Idaho shared their story of overcoming different obstacles in life including beating a Guinness book of record.READ MORE


Want To Know If You Are In God’s Will? Here Are 3 Ways How


Christians who are wondering if they are still living according to the will of God have His Word to tell them. READ MORE


Christian Singer Katy Nichole Releases New Album Following Battle Against Scoliosis


Billboard-topping Christian singer-songwriter Katy Nichole would be releasing a self-titled album EP after recovering from scoliosis for three years. READ MORE


Two Centuries-Old Church Permanently Closes Over Dwindling Membership

During their last service, the several members of Christ Church United Methodist in Southwick, Massachusetts praised and thanked the Lord for the last faithful 206 years. READ MORE


Father Discovers Truth About Daughter’s Death After Praying

When a father in Nebraska was told by the police that his daughter died in an accident, he prayed to God for two hours, then received another phone call saying that his daughter was just injured and alive. READ MORE


Italy's First Assisted Suicide: Man Proud He Fought For His Right To Die

Surrounded by his family and friends, a 44-year-old quadriplegic man died at his home in Italy’s first medically-assisted suicide after enduring years of battling his right to die.READ MORE


Christian Advocates Celebrate Religious Freedom On Supreme Court’s Ruling Against Maine Policy

Following the ruling in favor of the Christian parents who challenged Maine’s policy on education aid in 2018, different Christian advocates celebrate the victory on religious freedom. READ MORE

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