A state judge had dismissed a lawsuit filed against McLean Bible Church that alleges senior pastor David Platt for violating the church's by-laws to overturn the results of an election for church leaders.

According to The Christian Post, the lawsuit filed by dissident church members of McLean Bible Church has been dismissed in Virginia court last Friday with prejudice, which means the case could not be re-filed. However, the plaintiff's lawyer Rick Boyer said that his clients were planning to appeal, Religion News Service reported.

In his statement, Platt noted that he never imagined resolving church conflict in a legal battle. As it ended, he said that the megachurch in Washington DC decided to move forward with unity. Platt also encouraged other churches across the country that face division among their members to love one another as commanded in John 13:35.

Settlement Within The Church

Based on the report, the church aimed to settle the dispute and offered the plaintiffs to seek Christian reconciliation and mediation. However, they said that the plaintiffs declined the invitation which led them to form a resolution against the lawsuit. The majority of the Church had agreed with the plans which includes letting the three elders resign and be voted again by the church.

Earlier in June, 86% of the church had approved six nominees for the re-election to which the church had named their new elders including Chuck Hollingsworth, Ken Tucker, and Jim Burris who have won 80% in a congregational vote.

In light of the church's desire to proceed under the direction of the new board, the final phase in the Plan for Lawsuit Resolution involves obtaining the actual dismissal of the lawsuit. The church formally asked the court to dismiss the case last June 10 to fully recognize the desire of the congregation to move forward in unity with the guidance of the newly elected elders.

On June 15, the plaintiffs submitted a motion in opposition to the church's request to dismiss the case. Despite their plea, the court dismissed the case last Friday.

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Move Forward In Unity And Peace

According to CP, Lead Pastor Mike Kelsey of the Montgomery County campus thanked everyone for their rising enthusiasm and unity during the trying time for the church. He expressed his excitement about serving the church in the next coming years.

Kelsey also recognized that despite the individuality of each member, he said they were all united in their commitment to obeying God's words, loving their neighbors, and being a testimony to the salvation that the Lord only provides.

In his statement provided by CP, Tysons campus's main pastor, Wade Burnett said that the dispute was an illustration of the more significant divisions that exist throughout the nation. He recognized how God has been present and faithful in their midst despite their time being "painful and disorienting." He said that he was grateful for the courage of the church to remain together and persevere in pursuit of peace that required them to trust God greatly.

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