A couple in Idaho shared their story of overcoming different obstacles in life including beating a Guinness book of record.

Chad Kempel, a father of seven children, set another world record this year for finishing a half marathon in 2 hours and 19 minutes while pushing his quintuplets in a stroller, Today reported. According to Chad, he wanted to honor his wife Amy, who also rode a bike beside them during the marathon, for carrying the five kids for 27 weeks and 3 days. "It is nothing compared to what she went through but I wanted to pay tribute to her," he told Today.

Couple's Faith Was Tested

Behind their current success, the couple shared with CBN News how their faith was tested over the years. The couple revealed that they suffered seven miscarriages. Despite several losses, the couple believed they would have children in the future.

Amy, who had lost twins in 2013, had thought she would never get pregnant but after that year, the couple welcomed their first daughter Savannah and their second daughter Avery in June 2016. After giving birth to their two daughters, the couple underwent a fertility treatment called intrauterine insemination (IUI) in the hope to enlarge their family.

In August 2017, the couple found the news that they'll be having five children at that time. Chad admitted that after years of trying to build a family, that was one of the moments he felt fear. He said they were in doubt about whether Amy can handle the number of babies, knowing that she had a hard time carrying the twins. Despite being frightened, Chad shared how he supported his wife throughout the challenging pregnancy.

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Choosing Not To Abort Babies

The couple was stunned even more by what the doctor had advised them. They said the doctor said that some of the babies will die eventually that's why they should have aborted several babies to increase the survival rate.

They shared that they left that appointment crying. "We felt it was cold," Chad remembered they were given an option as if they were just choosing a good fruit. He said despite the doctor's recommendations, they had decided to love the babies and gave them the chance to live. Abortion wasn't their option, he added.

He said it was concerning to push on a quintuplet pregnancy considering Amy's health. However, Chad said they believed it was manageable so they seek their priest for guidance and prayer. After watching a video on selective reduction, the couple said they found it like an execution. "It's inhumane. It's sickening to hear," Chad said.

Chad said they put their faith in the hands of God. He remembered praying to God surrendering abortion and praying every night for his children's protection. Their prayers were answered in January 2018 with the birth of their healthy three sons and two daughters named Lincoln, Noelle, Grayson, Preston, and Gabriella.

After all their suffering, Chad said their prayers turned to gratitude to God. He encouraged couples suffering from fertility issues not to just listen to Doctor's negative outlook but pray and have faith in what God can do.

Chad shared that by doing marathons, he was also giving tribute to his father who was suffering from leukemia. According to the report, he was carrying a sign that read "Anything is possible" for each race. He shared that though it was a challenging time for his dad, they maintained a good connection. Chad said that he hopes to foster the same connection and relationship with his children. He shared that he wanted to be remembered for the good life that he and Amy provided for their children toward the end of his life.

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