Westside Christian Fellowship Pastor Shane Idleman warned Christians to be careful on asking God for confirmations to avoid false leading.

In his sermon entitled "Can I Ask God For Confirmation," the pastor had given several points to ask oneself before asking God for confirmation.

Is This Act of Obedience to God?

In Genesis 24, a servant of Abraham swore an oath to not let Isaac marry a Canaanite. Abraham instructed the servant to go back to his hometown to look for a woman suited for Isaac. If the woman refused to come, his servant would be freed from his oath. The servant was also told not to let Isaac be back in their hometown.

When the servant reached his destination, he prayed to God for a sign that would lead him to the right woman that God intended for Isaac to marry. He asked God to let the woman offer him and his camel a drink. Then God answered it through Rebekah, the daughter of Bethuel son of Milkah, who was the wife of Abraham's brother Nahor.

According to Idleman, the servant's action might be risky but still, God honored his request. He explained that before asking God for a sign, one should make sure that it's aligned with His will or command. In the story, the servant sought a Godly woman suited for his master's son to marry. The pastor noted that it was the will of the Lord for Christians to be equally yoked.

Idleman mentioned that many believers ask for confirmation from God yet they disobey Scripture. These instances include the likes of couples cohabiting while asking God for marriage guidance, a businessman violating his integrity while asking God for guidance in his dealings, or a family asking God for guidance on purchasing a home beyond their means.

In these situations, the pastor encouraged people to ask God for wisdom. Before making a decision, ask God if the plans were aligned according to His will.

Would You Obey God Regardless of The Answer?

Idleman also shared the account in Judge 6, the story of God appearing to Gideon and instructing him to lead a war against the Midianites. At first, Gideon was reluctant if it was God's command so he prayed to God that if He's the One instructing him.

Gideon brought a young goat and made bread without yeast. Then God instructed him to pour the broth into his offering and Gideon followed. The angel of the Lord struck it with his staff and it flared to fire, consuming the meat and the bread.

Idleman explained how Gideon was willing to obey God regardless of the answer. He poured on the broth as he was instructed to. He destroyed the altar of Baal and the Asherah pole as he was commanded to. He led the people of Israel against Midian by seeking and following God's guidance.

So, the pastor encouraged people to accept God's sovereignty in the process of seeking His guidance.

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Are You Willing To Trust God With The Process?

In August 2017, the pastor narrated his experience of asking God's wisdom whether they should or not buy the local radio stations that they use for broadcast. Since he was not sure and the radio stations has been offered to another entity, he sought God's will in prayer.

Several months later, he found out that it was not sold yet when he sent an email to the station manager. He said he prayed again for direction since they just can't buy the radio stations that had no staff to oversee the programming. A few days later, a Christian radio station manager, whom he never met, visited their church office and said he was thinking of relocating to their area from Minnesota.

"Talk about confirmation! To say we were surprised is an understatement," Idleman wrote. He recalled the confirmation sparked an intense eight-month period of prayer.

A few months had passed since they met a station manager, and the radio stations were still not up for selling to another buyer. He mentioned it again to God as he felt his leading to buy the radio network. Idleman asked God to let him meet anyone who had been helped by their program.

In a meet-and-greet event in their Church, he met a man who told him, "I was listening to your program a year ago and it helped me. Whatever happened to that station?" The pastor smiled and embraced God's confirmation.

He explained that it's important to trust God despite the current situation. He said that God's answers might take a long time or not. So, he said it's important to be patient along the process. After years of praying, staying, and obeying, they were told to purchase the radio stations because the original buyer had backed out. Through God's guidance, they established the Westside Christian Fellowship Radio Network.

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