After being under fire for killing five full-term babies, an abortion facility managed by Dr. Cesare Santangelo in Washington D.C. was being questioned about their abortion process and how they obtained consent after being exposed thru an investigation of a human rights organization.

The Washington Surgi-Clinic abortion clinic was exposed in a Live Action undercover footage about their process of obtaining consent from pregnant women who decided to abort their babies. In the footage, a nurse is heard advising the pregnant undercover agent that she must take a mind-altering Xanax pill before meeting with the abortionist and giving her permission for the procedure.

Through the undercover footage, it was also revealed that the clinic has been aborting full-term babies from 28-week pregnant women and further. The nurse was also seen in the video confessing that the facility cuts the umbilical cord to drain blood from the child instead of using lethal injection to kill the unborn babies.

Since the undercover agent was near her due, the nurse was also seen in the video informing the possibility of spontaneous abortion. When the pregnant woman can experience premature labor, she can call the facility and abort the baby in her hotel room. The nurse was heard in the video saying the doctor may come to her or the facility could just tell her what she can do with the remains.

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Poses Legal Action Against Santangelo And Facility

The undercover agent filed a complaint against Santangelo and the clinic on Wednesday through the Barr & Klein PLLC legal firm using the footage of her inquiry about the medical option for her pregnancy with the clinic.

According to the complaint, they were urging the DC Board of Medicine to conduct a further investigation into the practices of Santangelo and the Washington Surgi-Clinic, citing the use of benzodiazepines before seeking medical advice creates crucial issues about informed consent and cognitive impairment.

In a statement, Live Action's President and Founder, Lila Rose called for further investigation against Santangelo and the clinic and demanded their closure for the illegal infanticide and partial-birth abortion.

After reviewing the footage, Dr. Christina Francis, an OB/GYN and the incoming CEO of The American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists (AAPLOG), said that Xanax can impair the judgment of a patient who was not used to taking it. She also noted in the statement that there's no reason for the facility to give such medication to a patient before consultation or giving consent. The doctor also added that often times a patient under such medication was prohibited to drive or operate heavy equipment for 24 hours because it could impair their decision-making.

Dr. C. Ben Mitchell, ethicist and former Graves Chair of Moral Philosophy at Union University, also reviewed the footage and said that the video showed an ethical violation. He explained in the statement the side effects of Xanax to patients making consent and he emphasized that it's the duty of any medical professional to inform, treat, and care for patients. He said, "Failure to do so is a dereliction of duty."

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