When a father in Nebraska was told by the police that his daughter died in an accident, he prayed to God for two hours, then received another phone call saying that his daughter was just injured and alive.

In his interview with KETV, Tesfaye Ailbe narrated how he responded after knowing that his daughter, Hannah Wadiso, who had just graduated from high school died after being dragged in a car accident that left two people dead and 20 others injured on the weekend of Memorial Day.

Around 7 p.m. on that day, Wadiso asked his father for permission to go out with her friends to watch a car race on O Street after spending time with her family to celebrate her graduation. Ailbe was hesitant to let his daughter go because, according to him, he had a voice within imploring him not to let his daughter go.

As most teenagers do, she wanted to go out with her friends, urging her father that all of her friends would be there to watch. Though Ailbe felt nervous, he ignored subtle nudges and agreed with his daughter. He reminded Wadiso to be careful and she agreed.

Ailbe said his worries increased after she left, saying his heart won't settle down. He said he tried following Wadiso and her friends but failed to find them. As a protective parent, he returned home worrying. Hours later he received a call that most parents would dread.

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Memorial Day Car Accident

He received a call from a stranger informing him that his daughter had been in an accident and was not in good condition. Ailbe hurried to the scene of the accident. When he reached the scene, an officer informed him that his daughter died in a car crash. Since the incident was still under investigation at that time, he was not allowed to see or touch her.

USA Today reported that an 18-year-old man named Kyvell Stark driving a black Ford Taurus, under the influence, crashed with a Toyota Corolla. Both cars exited the road after the collision and hit several people on the sidewalk, including Wadiso. Stark was arrested and charged with two counts of manslaughter and DUI.

Ailbe's family was devastated to learn that Wadiso had perished in the incident. He immediately prayed to God for solace and enlightenment. He recounted praying and crying on his knees while on the road.

His prayers were answered through another phone call, saying that Wadiso was at the hospital in critical condition. Ailbe thanked and praised God after he received the news. What happened was "a devastating miscommunication" between him and the officer on the scene. He thought Wadiso was one of the women who had died that day.

The report said that Wadiso injured her pelvis and was rushed to the hospital to receive treatment. A few days later, she woke up crying uncontrollably after seeing her family. She is currently recovering with the help of doctors and her family. Ailbe said they were thankful to be planing their daughter's recovery instead of her funeral.

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