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Olivia Cavallaro


Israel Killed Iran’s Top Nuclear Scientist From A Thousand Miles Away Using A Remotely-Operated Sniper Machine Gun


A new report details just how Israeli intelligence agents eliminated Iran's top nuclear scientist from a thousand miles away using remote-controlled high-tech weapons.READ MORE

Taiyuan Pingyang Road Police posters

China’s Communist Party Ramps Up Persecution Campaign, Puts Up Posters Promising Rewards To Those Who Snitch On Christians


Authorities of the communist regime are incentivizing citizens to report Christians in exchange for monetary rewards.READ MORE

Sex Trafficking Victim

Children Are ‘Trafficked In Our Own Backyard’ And Christians Should Be Outraged By It, Activist Says


Anti-child trafficking organization leaders are sounding the alarm on how children are being trafficked in the U.S. and what the Christian faithful can do about it.READ MORE

Glenn Beck

Pakistani Prime Minister Helped Rescue Afghans From Taliban, Glenn Beck Reveals


The conservative media executive had nothing but praises for Prime Minister Imran Khan, who assisted in the Afghanistan evacuation efforts.READ MORE

Disney employees protesting the company's vaccine mandate

Employees March To Protest Disney’s Vaccine Mandate, Say ‘Many Cast Members Have A Legitimate Basis For Refusing’


Some Floridian employees of Walt Disney World took to its shopping center to protest the company's vaccine mandate.READ MORE

Canadian doctor Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng

Doctor Blasts Healthcare Workers Who Only Care For Those Who Are Vaccinated, Says It's 'Absolutely Atrocious' To Do That


A doctor is speaking out against healthcare professionals who refuse to provide care to individuals who are not vaccinated against COVID.READ MORE

China barbed wire

Watchdog Records More Than A Hundred Accounts Of Persecution Of Christians In China


A watchdog has documented over a hundred incidents of Christian persecution in just 12 months.READ MORE

Professor Christian Perronne

Former Vice-President Of WHO European Advisory Group Says Unvaxxed Are ‘Not Dangerous’ And Ivermectin Is ‘Proven’ Effective


More medical professionals are speaking out in defense of the unvaccinated people who refuse to get inoculated with the COVID jab and raising awareness on more cost-effective coronavirus treatments.READ MORE

Christian missionary Dave Eubank

Christian Missionary Reveals Taliban Holding Mass Executions Of Believers In Afghanistan


Reports of the Taliban cracking down on, persecuting, and executing U.S. allies, Christians, and religious minorities continue to pour in weeks after the final U.S. troops withdrew from Afghanistan.READ MORE


FDA Panel Overwhelmingly Votes Against COVID Vaccine Booster Shots For Most Americans


An FDA panel has rejected a third dose of the COVID vaccine for broad use.READ MORE

COVID Vaccine

Christian Medical Group Highlights There’s ‘No Good Ethical Argument’ For Biden’s Vaccine Mandates


The vice president of a Christian medical group has spoken out against President Biden's vaccine mandate, which he believes "takes away consent" from an individual.READ MORE

ultrasound showing a baby inside a mother's womb

Judge Rejects Biden DOJ’s Request To Block Texas’ Pro-Life Heartbeat Act


A federal judge has rejected the Biden administration's emergency request to block Texas' newly effective Heartbeat Act, which prohibits abortion beyond six weeks of pregnancy.READ MORE

Child watching shows on TV

Christian Nonprofit Launches Massive Campaign Protecting Kids From The Harmful Effects Of Porn


Over 40,000 supporters are backing a Christian nonprofit's campaign to require porn platforms to establish better age verification methods to prevent kids from accessing porn and harming themselves in the process.READ MORE

Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert

Colorado’s Christian Rep. Lauren Boebert Explains Her Colleagues Are Why She Doesn’t ‘Give A Darn About Mask Mandates’


She also talked about the reason why Christians should value the freedom they have and fight for it - because it came at a very high cost.READ MORE

Gov. Ron DeSantis

Republican State-Used COVID Treatment Is So Effective The Biden Administration Is Now Restricting Its Supply


The Biden administration has decided to restrict the supply of monoclonal antibody treatments after Republican leaders like Gov. Ron DeSantis proved their effectiveness, showing how there's no need for COVID vaccine mandates at all.READ MORE

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