A pastor from a North Carolina church gave thanks to God that no one was killed on February 23 when a small SUV crashed into the sanctuary minutes before a regular weekly prayer service.

Christian Headlines reported that the SUV drove into the church 45 minutes before the 7 p.m. Wednesday service of Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church in Supply, North Carolina. The car crashed through the church's entrance and drove over the pews it passed by before it finally stopped by the pulpit area.

Accordingly, the SUV was hit by another car, which is said to be at fault for the entire accident.

Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church posted the mishap on social media and narrated what took place before it. The church said there was a prayer meeting set that night when the accident occurred minutes before it, leaving behind a trail of destruction. The church also expressed gratitude that the driver was similarly alive though injured.

"Approximately 30 minutes before people were arriving at our church tonight for Prayer Meeting, an accident occurred that sent a vehicle through our sanctuary doors all the way to the pulpit, leaving destruction in its path. Fortunately and above all else, the driver was not seriously injured, and no one was in the church at the moment. It is truly a miracle no one was killed or injured," Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church said.

The church highlighted that besides the pews and the walls, the electrical outlets and wires were also destroyed by the crash. After the accident, wires could be seen dangling and stripped from the walls. There is even the possibility that tiles and glass from the ceiling could fall down.

This prompted the church to warn its congregants from coming over to the church just to look at what happened. The church stressed-at that time-that no one has officially assessed the damage to the church, especially on its foundation and header beams.

They described the car as being "airborne when it crashed through the door" such that the brickwork on the porch and entry were "relatively undamaged." Though there could be unseen cracks in it. This excluded the damage to the carpet and molding. The SUV providentially did not crash onto the cinderblock wall of the church for it would have been deadly for the driver.

In line with the damages, the Mt Pisgah Baptist Church asked for prayers for the safety of the congregants when they regroup and in their need to move forward with their repairs and services. The church has moved to a temporary new location for their weekly services at their multipurpose or educational building.

Notwithstanding, the church expressed in Facebook praise for the goodness of God despite what happened due to the accident. They shared Don Moen's "God Is Good All The Time" to remind everyone that there is always something to be grateful to God for no matter what life brings.

Mt. Pisgah Baptist Church Pastor Jesse Mooney, Jr. disclosed in an interview with WECT that he was particularly late on that night of the accident, which turned out to be for his own good. Mooney expressed his gratitude to God at the "miracle" that happened, attributing to God that he and the people were protected from the mishap.

"I was running a little bit late getting here, or I would've been here. If it would have been 20 or 30 minutes later, that would've been several people on that (left) side of the church that was torn up so bad. Some of our older people usually get here early, so it happened that no one was here. God is good. He spared people," Mooney said.

"The Lord watched out for us. He is good to us. I told our people last night as heartbroken as we are about the damage to the facility, we can thank the Lord that no one was hurt...Romans 8:28 is very real," he stressed.