Florida Governor Ron DeSantis criticized a reporter for spinning fake news on the state's Parental Rights in Education Bill as a "Don't Say Gay" legislation.

Not The Bee highlighted the encounter DeSantis had with a reporter on Monday for pushing a lie on the Parental Rights Education Bill. DeSantis questioned the reporter where in the bill does it say, "Don't say gay," since there isn't one. The video of the encounter was uploaded by podcaster Benny Johnson, who described how DeSantis roasted the reporter "to their face after they fail to spin (a) fake narrative."

"I haven't seen that (don't say gay) in any of the bills? Where is that coming from?" DeSantis asked.

"All around," the reporter replied.

"Oh, I get that, but the question is, you know, you're in the news business, does the truth matter or not? Is that in any of the bills? Yes or no?" DeSantis pushed.

But the reporter could not respond further. The governor then pointed out that there really is nothing in the bill that says one is prohibited from saying another person is gay. He raised that what the bill is prohibiting is the teaching of any sexual stuff to young children.

"There's nothing in the bill that's about 'you can't say' or 'don't say.' It's basically saying, for our youngest students, 4-year-olds, five-year-olds, six years, and seven do you really want them to be taught about...any sexual stuff," DeSantis said.

DeSantis contradicted how a lot of focus is being given on transgenderism, particularly on how very young children are being given the power to choose their genders, which most parents do not want for their children.

"I think it's inappropriate to be injecting those matters, like a transgenderism, into a kindergarten classroom," he added.

DeSantis then warned all the members of the media to be responsible, honest, and careful in creating narratives. The governor emphasized the power of the media to influence others and society with what they say or convey to the public.

Faithwire reported that the Parental Rights in Education Bill was passed by the Florida House of Representatives last February and is pending the state Senate's and DeSantis' approval. Once passed as a law, it will "prohibit discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in certain grade levels or in a specified manner." Particularly, it bans school employees or third parties to hold classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity from kindergarten until third grade in Florida.

The goal of the legislation is to protect the right of parents over their children on various matters involving the education of their child. The legislation mandates the school district to inform parents on any matter involving school instruction that would affect the upbringing and control parents have over their children.

Though the law bans all sexual instructions to children, the Democrats and the leftist media have framed information on the legislation as solely opposing transgenderism.

Along with the false narrative made on the Parental Rights Education Bill as a "Don't Say Gay Bill," the Left has projected DeSantis as a "Republican man bad."

The bill was also attacked by businesses and their officials such as former Disney CEO Bob Iger who took to Twitter to convey his support of President Joe Biden for calling the legislation "hateful." Disney CEO Bob Chapek released an internal memorandum on Monday where he disclosed a meeting he had with Disney's LGBTQ+ leaders regarding the controversial bill.

The meeting entailed disappointment at not releasing an official statement that condemns the bill since the entire company strongly supports the LGBTQ+ community. Chapek himself reinstated in the memo of the company's strong support for LGBTQ+ employees and their families, as well as their communities.