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Jo-Ann Blanco

Preach Christ

Franklin Graham Preaches Christ To Over 68000 People in Copacabana, Brazil


"Is your soul safe and secure? If you died tonight, would God accept you into His presence?" Franklin Graham asked over 68 Thousand people in a worship event in Copacabana Beach, Brazil in unusual, unexpected weather, Billy Graham Evangelical Association reported.READ MORE

Patient with Iv Line

Leukemia Cure We’re Waiting For? Patient Cancer-Free For 11 Years After Innovative Treatment


Doug Olson has been cancer-free for 11 years now after undergoing CAR-T Therapy, a success story so exceptional that it was highlighted in the medical journal Nature and has paved the way for thousands of other cancer patients to be treated.READ MORE

Person Holding Opened Book

People Who Read The Bible Have More Hope, Survey Finds


Consistency and intentionality of opening, reading and applying the Bible make a person more hopeful and resilient, according to the recent 12th annual "State of the Bible" report of The American Bible Society.READ MORE

Ladies Forming a Circle

Dwyane Wade Criticizes Legislation Barring Transgender Athletes From Women’s Sports, Calls It 'A Joke'


Basketball Superstar Dwayne Wade heavily criticized lawmakers that prohibit transgender athletes from competing in girls' and women's sports, expressing that bills like mandating schools to assign sports teams according to the biological sexes of the team members at birth are "a joke."READ MORE

Women Kneeling on the Floor with Children in a Room

Florida School Instructs Teachers To Help Kids Hide Gender Confusion From Parents


Broward County Public School district in Florida is instructing its teachers to hide any information about students’ gender transition from parents. READ MORE

School Girls Walking while Carrying their Bags

Matthew McConaughey Honors Uvalde Victims in White House Press Event, Shares Bible Verse


Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey took the podium at Tuesday's White House press briefing to honor the victims of the shooting incident in his hometown Uvalde.READ MORE

Same Sex Marriage

Sadie Robertson Pushes Sex Before Marriage, Says 'It's Worth The Wait'


The New York Times bestselling Christian author and podcast host Sadie Robertson firmly tells couples that sex within marriage is a beautiful gift from God that should only be "opened" the way He designed it when asked about the best relationship advice she can give.READ MORE

Son Finds Biological Mother After 20 Years, Unaware That They Work In The Same Hospital

Son Finds Biological Mother After 20 Years, Unaware That They Work In The Same Hospital


A man from Utah receives a Facebook message from his biological mother, whom he was in search of for a long time. READ MORE

Louisiana Abortion Bill ‘Radical’ And ‘Extreme’

White House Says Louisiana Abortion Bill Is ‘Radical’ And ‘Extreme’


The White House was straightforward in its strong disagreement with Louisiana's anti-abortion bill, put in place in the event that the Supreme Court overturns Row vs.Wade. READ MORE

Atheist Woman Always Brings Bible With Her In Prison

Atheist Woman Always Brings Bible With Her In Prison, Here's Why


Keri Blakinger, who was imprisoned due to drug addiction, shared on her TikTok account why she brought the Bible all the time during her almost two years of jail time.READ MORE

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