Benjamin Hulleberg, a 20-year-old middle school substitute teacher, knew right from the very start that he was adopted. His adoptive parents never hid it from him and had no problems with his strong desire to find and meet his biological mother someday. As he shared to Good Morning America, "It was my parents either expressing gratitude for Holly or me talking about how I'm grateful for her and how I want to meet her one day."

Hulleberg has done quite a lot in search of her biological mother, whom he has no information about except that her name is Holly. Letters were written, DNA tests were taken and adoption registries were signed up for, and yet to no avail.

Little did he know that Holly Shearer, who was only 15 years of age when she gave up his son for adoption, already found him through the internet. She had been watching him through his social media account since he was 18 years old, unable to introduce herself as his mother because as she said, the last thing she wanted to do is to "throw a wrench in his life" that is going so well.

Mother And Son Finally Reunite Through A Facebook Message

On the day of Hulleber's 20th birthday, Shearer finally got the courage to send a birthday greetings via Messenger, and when asked by his son how they know each other, she then said, as quoted by CBN News, "20 years ago I made the hardest decision of my life and placed my beautiful little baby up for adoption with a beautiful family."

Hulleberg was at work when he received the reply and he felt different emotions all at the same time but all were positive ones, he assured. He then did not waste any more time and immediately asked to meet his biological mother the next day, exclaiming, "I was not willing to wait any longer. I'd waited 20 years and that was long enough for me."

Thus, on November 21, 2021, the mother and son finally reunite at a dinner table at Red Robin, together with each of their families. Dinner started with a lot of hugging and crying. Hulleberg described the moment of seeing his biological mother in front of him as "surreal" and "a dream come true". Dinner lasted for 3 beautiful long hours and began a new season and a second chance for the mother and son.

The Indian Express reported Shearer saying, "It's just exciting. I'm part of his life. Just knowing that his phone number is in my phone and I can call him or text him anytime, it's amazing. My heart is full."

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Unknowingly To Both, They Have Been Working In The Same Hospital For 2 Years

What is more surreal is when both found out that they have been so near each other for the past 2 years, having worked at HCA Healthcare's St. Mark's Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Shearer is a medical assistant at The Heart Center while Hulleberg volunteers at the hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

St. Mark's Hospital was also in awe. In a Facebook post, they expressed, "Both believe their paths had to have crossed during that time - they parked in the same garage, ate in the same cafeteria; Holly had a view out her lobby window of the Women's Pavilion where Benjamin spent his time. Can you believe that?!"

Right now, Hulleberg meets with Shearer, who he adorably calls "Mom," at her office at least once a week. He joyfully quipped, "Being able to sit down with my biological mom and just have coffee and talk before I go on my shift at the NICU? It's been amazing!"

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