"Is your soul safe and secure? If you died tonight, would God accept you into His presence?" Franklin Graham asked over 68 Thousand people in a worship event in Copacabana Beach, Brazil in unusual, unexpected weather, Billy Graham Evangelical Association reported.

The President and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and the Samaritan's Purse humanitarian ministry braved the rain last Saturday night, unbothered in preaching the Gospel and sharing God's love and hope to all the Brazilians who gathered on the beach for his God Loves You tour.

Graham told the crowd, "For anyone who turns from their sins and puts their faith and trust in God's Son Jesus Christ, know this-God has forgiven your sins! As the Bible says, He has cast them into the depths of the sea."

When he asked who would want to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, thousands raised their hands and responded to the call by repeating each word from the prayer of commitment to Christ that Graham led them to pray. CBN News further stated that churches in the area are now busy following up on those that have surrendered their lives to Christ that night.

Unplanned Visitors & Unexpected Observers In The Crowd

Not everyone in the crowd planned to go to the worship event. Some were just bystanders. Some just walked by or happened to want to go to the beach not knowing that an event was happening. Some were vendors and some were just led by curiosity, seeing the stage construction and the posters all around the area.

There was this couple on vacation from Canada, who was celebrating their high school graduation and was just strolling on the beach when they heard the message of hope from Graham.

Another was a middle-aged man who lives in Copacabana that saw the stage being constructed throughout the week. He decided to join the event Saturday out of curiosity and took in the worship music under a tree.

The same goes for Barbara who stepped out of her house while the team was doing its sound check the night before. The worship song that was being played brought her to tears and so, on the event, she made sure to tag her son and mother along with her to the evangelical event, where she recommitted her life back to Christ.

André Carvalho went because of the ads. Leaning against his red motorcycle, he listened to the Word and all of a sudden felt tears in his eyes. When asked why he said because he could feel the Holy Spirit in the place and was reminded of his friends who need the hope of Jesus.

Food vendor Rafael Leopoldo parked his cart away when his food was sold out and decided to stay and listen to the son of the man, Billy Graham, whom he always watches on YouTube.

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'Government Can't Fix The Problems We Face', Graham Tells Journalists

A day before the event, Graham's team gathered and prayed for the country of Brazil. A press conference was also held where he firmly declared in front of journalists and reporters, "As we look at the world today, there are no politicians that can fix the problems that we face. Governments can't fix the problems we face. The human heart can only be changed by God, and that's why we have come to Brazil, to preach the Gospel, that God loves Brazil," as quoted in his own Facebook post.

Moreover, in another Facebook post that he did the night of the event, he complimented the leaders of the government of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro Governor Cláudio Bomfim de Castro e Silva and Brazil's President Jair Messias Bolsonaro for standing "with the biblical definition of marriage and against abortion in their country."

Graham said that there were more than 4000 churches that have been part of the event preparations for months and that some of these churches have been praying for an event like this in Brazil for years.

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