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Korean First Presbyterian Church in Atlanta

Korean First Presbyterian Church in Atlanta: 'Outreach to Children Begins Now'

Korean First Presbyterian Church (KFPC) in Atlanta held an outreach festival for the children’s ministry on April 3. The outreach festival began a few years ago, when it used to be called ‘street festival,’ after Pastor Bong-Sung Kim, who leads the children’s ministry at KFPC, visited a Wednesday night service at a church in New York City during which a Saturday street evangelism event was announced.

Truth Matters Conference

A Conference to Equip Youth with a Christian Worldview: Truth Matters Conference

As Christian youth try to navigate in today’s world, they may find themselves faced with numerous obstacles, including skepticism about their faith from their peers, and conflicting views from the surrounding society and culture. Equipping youth with an understanding of a Christian worldview to be able to defend and maintain their faith in the midst of those obstacles is one of the main purposes behind the upcoming Truth Matters Conference hosted by Church Everyday.


Celebrating Easter, and Planting in the Hearts of Children a Passion for the Gospel

Though students are out on spring break, the campus of Los Angeles High School has been anything but quiet. Noises of children shouting and singing worship songs filled the LA High campus this week, as some 380 children participated in New Life Vision Church (NLVC)'s sixth annual Celebration for Easter at the school, where NLVC also holds its Sunday services.

Dong Shin KCCC

Dong Shin Presbyterian Church and KCCC Form Partnership to Reach the Younger Generation

Dong Shin Presbyterian Church of Southern California and Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC, or SOON Movement) signed a memorandum of understanding on Friday as a promise to partner together in ministering to the younger generation. KCCC had already moved its central offices from Los Angeles into a portion of Dong Shin's property in Fullerton, and Dong Shin agreed to provide KCCC with a worship space, offices, a music studio, and other necessities for its ministry.

KCCD Mustard Seed Foundation

Foundation Seeks to Offer Funding for Local Church Projects to Change the Community with the Gospel

An opportunity for smaller churches to receive funding for new projects has been highlighted at a recent workshop hosted by Korean Churches for Community Development (KCCD). The workshop, which took place at the Los Angeles Regional Office of Azusa Pacific University (APU), was attended by some 30 local church leaders of various ethnic backgrounds, and featured Brian Bakke, the president of The Mustard Seed Foundation. The organization, which was founded in 1983, provides grants to local churches for start-up projects.

Harvest America 2016

Thousands Gather for Harvest America 2016: 'God Has an Answer for Your Loneliness and It Is Jesus Christ'

More than 82,000 individuals gathered at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on Sunday for Harvest America, an annual evangelistic event in which Pastor Greg Laurie of the Harvest Crusades speaks on the gospel. Hundreds of thousands more tuned into the event via livestream or radio / TV broadcasts, according to the organizers, and the event was remotely hosted in over 7,200 locations.


Korean World Mission Conference to Take Place in Los Angeles

Known as the ‘Olympics’ of Korean missionaries all over the world, Korean World Mission Conference (KWMC) will be taking place in Los Angeles for the first time in its almost 30-year history. KWMC, which takes place once every four years, had always taken place at Wheaton College near Chicago since its beginnings in 1988, but this year the conference location has moved to Los Angeles. The conference dates, which were usually in July, have also been pushed earlier to June.


Missionaries' Kids Pay it Forward by Investing in Future of Younger Missionaries' Kids

Missionaries’ kids are raising funds again this year in hopes to help provide the needs of younger missionaries’ kids as they prepare for college and their future careers. This group of missionaries’ kids, also known colloquially as “MK”s, are a part of mKommit, a group which has been providing mentorship and scholarships since 2013 to help younger MKs with emotional and financial needs as they attend college in the U.S.

Jong-Rak Lee

"Every Life is Precious": Dropbox Pastor Jong-Rak Lee Shares His Testimony

Toward the end of last month, one of the most meaningful fundraisers took place at the Tagylan Cultural Center, not too far from Koreatown in Los Angeles. It was a fundraising gala hosted by MPAK, a non-profit that advocates for the adoption of homeless children, to support Jusarang Community, the home of the famous "Dropbox," and a shelter and home for abandoned babies and children.

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