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Korean World Mission Conference to Take Place in Los Angeles

Known as the ‘Olympics’ of Korean missionaries all over the world, Korean World Mission Conference (KWMC) will be taking place in Los Angeles for the first time in its almost 30-year history. KWMC, which takes place once every four years, had always taken place at Wheaton College near Chicago since its beginnings in 1988, but this year the conference location has moved to Los Angeles. The conference dates, which were usually in July, have also been pushed earlier to June.


Missionaries' Kids Pay it Forward by Investing in Future of Younger Missionaries' Kids

Missionaries’ kids are raising funds again this year in hopes to help provide the needs of younger missionaries’ kids as they prepare for college and their future careers. This group of missionaries’ kids, also known colloquially as “MK”s, are a part of mKommit, a group which has been providing mentorship and scholarships since 2013 to help younger MKs with emotional and financial needs as they attend college in the U.S.

Jong-Rak Lee

"Every Life is Precious": Dropbox Pastor Jong-Rak Lee Shares His Testimony

Toward the end of last month, one of the most meaningful fundraisers took place at the Tagylan Cultural Center, not too far from Koreatown in Los Angeles. It was a fundraising gala hosted by MPAK, a non-profit that advocates for the adoption of homeless children, to support Jusarang Community, the home of the famous "Dropbox," and a shelter and home for abandoned babies and children.

Reverend Joseph Choi

Interview with Chaplain Joseph Choi: Living Out a Unique Calling in Three Contexts

Reverend Joseph Choi is a Korean American pastor currently working three jobs: as a U.S. Army Reserves chaplain, as a hospital chaplain, and as an English ministry pastor at a local Korean immigrant church. What does that look like in terms of schedule? Choi’s full-time job is his role as a hospital chaplain at Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center in Torrance, CA, where his weekdays are spent. As an Army Reserves chaplain, he is required to attend trainings with his unit one weekend per month, but for the three other weekends of the month, he serves as an English ministry pastor at Sanctification Presbyterian Church in Gardena.

KCCC Higher Calling

Higher Calling Conference to Challenge Young People to "Go Beyond" to Share the Gospel

Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC) will be hosting its annual conference for youth and college students once again, this year from December 21 to 24 at the Town and Country Resort & Convention Center in San Diego, CA. Higher Calling Conference, which is themed “Go Beyond” this year, focuses on creating a space for young people to discover their God-given callings, and to be inspired to take part in sharing the gospel in various contexts, including their homes, schools, workplaces, and overseas.

In Tae Kim

Persecutor Turned Evangelist Shares Testimony: "If I Can Share the Gospel, So Can You"

"You can do it -- you can share the gospel. Even someone like me can share the gospel. You all can do an even better job than me." In-Tae Kim, a member of L.A. Full Gospel Church, shared these words at the evangelism seminar that took place at Love Korean Church on the evening of September 25. He said evangelism is not something one does, but something one makes. Kim has shared the gospel to at least 500 people since he moved to Los Angeles in 2002. What is his secret?

MIU card

Reaching Students in Mongolia with the Gospel

College students from all over the world have been exposed to the gospel at a university in perhaps an unexpected location: Mongolia. Mongolia International University is the only university in the country that teaches all of its classes in English. But even more importantly, the university was founded in 2002 with a missional purpose to reach students in Mongolia with the gospel.

A Photo of A Leather-Bound Bible

Bible Verses on Peace: 12 Important Scriptures That Explain Why There Is No Peace Apart from Jesus Christ

All people seek peace during their lifetime. The world defines peace as freedom from “disturbance” and “the cessation of war or violence.” Many non-profit organizations exist to promote peace between nations and communities, and to alleviate human suffering by meeting basic needs for survival. All of that is very important, but the peace that exists on this earth is fleeting, momentary, and temporary. True peace exists in eternity and comes from Jesus Christ.

Crossing Borders Eat 4 NK

"Eat 4 North Korea": A Fundraiser to Help North Korean Refugees

Crossing Borders, a Christian non-profit dedicataed to helping North Korean refugees, is hosting a fundraiser in Irvine called "Eat for North Korea," or "E4NK," on September 16 at 7:30 PM at the Urban Seoul 2.0 restaurant in Irvine Spectrum. Regular admission is $60, and $75 for a t-shirt along with admission.

Syrian refugees in Lebanon

As Hundreds of Thousands of Syrian Refugees Flee, Christian Organizations Offer Aid

As hundreds of thousands of refugees have been flooding into the European continent seeking asylum, refugees have been faced with delay, mistreatment, and lack of access to food or proper shelter for several days. Christian relief organizations have been taking steps to provide immediate needs for the refugees. "It is the largest crisis of its kind in the region since the Second World War," the Samaritan's Purse said in a statement.

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