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Christianity Daily’s main offices are in Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., Atlanta, Seattle, Chicago, and San Francisco with Los Angeles being the only bilingual publisher.

About Christianity Daily

Christianity Daily first started as a Korean publication on January 23, 2004 in Los Angeles. We have expanded to 6 locations all over the nation in the past ten years. Our English publication was launched in January 2014 in celebration of our 10th anniversary. With up to 2.5 million readers in the United States, we’ve grown to be the leading Korean Christian news source in the nation.

A news source dedicated to delivering the truth

Christianity Daily is dedicated to pursuing the honest truth. Although advancements in media technology and fact gathering have given the public more opportunities to be up to date with the latest events, they have also brought confusion as to what the truth really is about the stories that they hear. Christianity Daily is committed to presenting the truth rooted in a biblical worldview.

A news source for the present and future Korean American society

Christianity Daily is committed to bringing a wide range of stories and news from the Korean American society in the United States. As the Korean immigrant society is becoming increasingly assimilated into American culture, Christianity Daily, as a Korean American news source, is also striving to bring national and international news that are covered by mainstream news sources. We commit ourselves to bringing in-depth coverage while following the pace of mainstream media.

A news source that promptly meets the demands of its readers

Ever since its launch, Christianity Daily has been dedicated to providing real- time coverage, and has been widely acknowledged by readers as the “fastest news source.” In a society that is becoming increasingly mobile, we strive to bring news even more quickly, clearly, and accurately.

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