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Vision Care

"Offering Hope to Those with Sight Impairments in Third World Countries"

Sarang Community Church, located in Anaheim, CA, gave $50,000 in their Christmas offering to help treat those with blindness or sight impairments. The offering was given to Vision Care, a relief organization that offers medical aid to those with sight impairments, through which approximately 400 people would have the potential to be treated.

World map painting

Over 26,000 Korean Missionaries Doing Mission Work in 170 Different Countries, Study Shows

The Korea World Missions Association (KWMA) released a study on Jan. 8 which showed that as of December 2014, there are 26,677 Korean missionaries in 170 different countries all over the world. Although the number of Korean missionaries has been on the rise, the amount of increase in 2014—an increase of 932 Korean missionaries—was less than that of 2013, during which 1,003 additional missionaries were sent to mission fields.


New York Evangelism Fellowship Begins 2015 Passionately Sharing the Gospel

Heard from the intersection of Union Street and Main Street on the first Saturday morning of 2015 (Jan. 3) were the strong, passionate voices of the pastors in New York Evangelism Fellowship sharing the gospel to passersby on the street. Members of New York Evangelism Fellowship, a Korean evangelistic group, meet every Saturday at the Flushing public parking lot, and share the gospel indiscriminately to Koreans and non-Koreans alike. Despite the icy winds, these members came out once again on Jan. 3 to share the gospel with the members of the community.


Youth and College Students Experience God's Love and Make Faith Commitments at Higher Calling

On Tuesday night, Korea Campus Crusade for Christ’s annual “Higher Calling” Conference had its fifth main plenary session. The overall purpose for this year’s conference was to motivate the youth and college students to be a light to their world. In this particular session, the national director of Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC) USA, Dong Whan Kim, spoke and preached from John 9:1-12 as his son, David Kim—who is also serving as a full-time KCCC staff—translated. The passage was on Jesus healing a man who was born blind.


Christian Business Leaders Share Experiences of Living Out Their Faith in the Workforce

Many young Christians may wonder about how to live out their faith after college when they are no longer kept accountable for their walk with God through their brothers and sisters in Christ. At Higher Calling Conference (HCC), a Christian young-adult conference hosted by Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC) that challenges the young generation to live out missional lives, attendees were invited to listen in on a panel where they could hear testimonies from various people from the work force about their walk with God in the real world.


"Let's Go Outside the Camp to Share the Gospel"

On Tuesday, December 23, Greg Stier—one of the speakers at Higher Calling Conference (HCC), an annual conference hosted by Korea Campus Crusade for Christ for youth and college students—presented HCC attendees with an intense message challenging them to go out and evangelize. As the founder and president of Dare 2 Share ministries, an evangelistic ministry, Stier emphasized, “My main point is go outside the walls. Let’s worship here, pray here, but let’s get out to our families, friends, neighbors, classmates, teammates…


Six Ways the Friends of the Paralytic Man Exemplify Being a Light to the Community

On Monday night of Higher Calling Conference, a missions-focused conference held annually by Korea Campus Crusade for Christ, Pastor Eugene Cho of Quest Church gave a message about the need to be the light in our communities. As someone who believes in young people and their importance in the church today, Cho came to encourage the students attending the conference.


Showing Love to Community Must Be Exemplified in Action

Pastor Sam Koh, the lead pastor of Hillside Church of LA Christian Presbyterian Church (LACPC), was one of nine speakers for the breakout sessions at Higher Calling Conference, an annual conference hosted by Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC). He led an elective seminar titled “How to Love Your City,” during which he spoke on the issue of the local homeless and needy, noting that it is the Christian’s duty to reach out to those in need.

The Key to Unlocking Your Destiny: Realizing Your Inheritance and Identity in God

Every year at Higher Calling Conference, a mission conference for youth and college students held by Korea Campus Crusade for Christ (KCCC), numerous breakout sessions are provided for students to attend based on their interests. One of the seminars offered this year was titled “Unlocking Your Destiny,” led by Sunhee Son Robinson. Sunhee is the executive pastor of Living Hope Christian Center in Emeryville, CA, and executive director of Not Forgotten Faces, a non-profit organization that brings freedom to victims of human trafficking. She came to the conference to speak to students about their inheritance as children of God, and the power and freedom that comes from this knowledge.


Higher Calling Conference Challenges Youth and College Students to Be the Light

Over a thousand youth, college students, and young adults gathered in San Diego, CA for Korea Campus Crusade’s annual “Higher Calling” Conference. The four-day conference began on Sunday evening with a concert featuring Phil Wickham, and the evening ended with the first plenary session, during which Pastor Jim-Bob Park, the senior pastor of Oriental Mission Church (OMC), preached.

Bong Rin Ro

Missionaries and Churches Must Focus Efforts in Building Leaders in Asian Countries

Though about 4.5 billion live in the continent of Asia, it remains today as one of the continents in which the people are hardest to reach. There are certain countries, including South Korea, Singapore, Japan, and the Philippines, in which the gospel can be freely preached and Christianity can be freely practiced, but in other nations, including Afghanistan, North Korea, Iran, and Turkey, sharing the gospel or being a Christian means risking one’s life. How can a minority group of Christians share the gospel in the large continent of Asia?

Glocal Church Summit

'Glocal' Church Summit Challenges Church to Move Away from Traditional Ways of Outreach

Jesus gave the Great Commission as his last command before his ascent into heaven, and during his life on earth, emphasized that the greatest commandments are to love God, and to love our neighbors. As such, the church prioritizes and heavily focuses on missions, and has attempted throughout the years to think in new ways about how better the church can obey this significant command.

Shepherd University2

"We Want to Make Our Students More Like Jesus"

“… to educate men and women to be the leaders to serve the church and to improve the world through the excellent programs of Christian higher education.” Such is the mission statement of Shepherd University. During a time in which standards in secular higher education are starting to move farther away from Biblical standards...


"God Will Never Stop Doing Missions"

“Britain, America, and other missionary-sending countries are on the decline, and even the reality of the Korean church is grim,” said Byung-Gook Yoo, a missionary who has been serving as the president of World Evangelization for Christ (WEC) for six years.

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