Faith Leaders Condemn Pastor’s Words Cursing Those Who Stole The Election From Trump

Church leaders condemned a pastor for releasing words that cursed those who allegedly stole the elections from President Donald Trump.

Chinese Police, Gov’t Officers Raid Homeschool Run By Church

A house where children from a persecuted megachurch were being homeschooled in Chengdu, China was raided by a group of police officers and government officials. The incident was mentioned by the churc…
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  • People gather for Calvary Chapel Church’s annual outdoor baptism at Newport Beach’s Corona Del Mar State Beach on Saturday, September 12, 2020

    Almost 1,000 people gathered to get baptized at beach amidst COVID-19 restrictions

    Worshipers of almost 1,000 people gather for Calvary Chapel Church's annual outdoor baptism at Newport Beach's Corona Del Mar State Beach on Saturday, September 12, 2020. As California deals with the COVID-19 restrictions, churches have been conducting outdoor "spiritual revivals" like religious …
  • Starting from Oct 18th, Joel Osteen plans to bring Lakewood Church indoor service

    Joel Osteen opens up Lakewood Church indoor services

    Lakewood Church that usually holds 16,800 people said it will re-open for 4200 people for in-person worship. On October 18th, one of the Megachurches in Houston led by Joel Osteen just announced the Lakewood Church will open up indoor services allowing 25% of the people to join the indoor service. …
  • Utah Churches Head Outdoors on Sundays

    Utah Churches Head Outdoors on Sundays

    As the pandemic continues to rage on in America, many churches have been forced to continue with virtual programming for Sunday services. While some churches have chosen to defy lockdown orders and speak out in favor of in-person services, many have prioritized safety and public health by staying on…
  • Charles F. Stanley is the founder of In Touch Ministries

    Charles F. Stanley Steps Down After Serving over 50 years

    The last online service featuring Pastor Charles Stanley informed believers that Pastor Stanley had just celebrated his 88th birthday as a retirement. Serving for 8 years, Pastor Stanley sends out love to all believers and reminds them that his heart will still be upon First Baptist Church.
  • J.D Greear

    J.D Greear: "Do not fear satan but do not ignore him either"

    Greear compares and contrasts believers who are either warriors or who needs awakening. He explains Christians aren't aware of lions that are close by roaring into the world. "Christians make two primary mistakes in regard to Satan: Some people give Satan too much credit, where they blame him for an…
  • John MacArthur's In-door Sunday Service

    John MacArthur : "its nationally watched battle over coronavirus restriction"

    John MacArthur's Grace Community Church in Sun Valley was once again notified to wear masks with proper in-person service social distancing. The church has been holding in-person service for about 2 months and most believers state they recommended online service due to the state orders.
  • Flooding damaged the school of Buckeye Local South Elementary

    Church Opens Doors to Students of Flooded Buckeye Local South Elementary School

    As flooding damaged the school of Buckeye Local South Elementary and prevented students from attending, St. Joseph Church opened their doors to help. "It looks like we are going to be able to move into the Catholic church," Superintendent Kim Leonard said. Leonard announced that the school would …
  • Santa Cruz Baptist Church welcomes residents with love and support

    S.C Baptist Church turns sanctuary into hotel for people who had to evacuate due to unexpected fire

    Regarding the wildfire in California, many residents have lost their homes due to a sudden evacuation. California Pastor, from Santa Cruz, receives a phone call from the associate pastor in the morning stating the families who were forcefully evacuated from the fire, needed a place to stay. Church p…
  • Francis Chan speaks in convocation on February 6, 2019.

    Francis Chan: Churches Need Awakening 'Religious Freedom'

    Francis Chan strongly believes the church community needs awakening. He pointed out how the virus is pushing churches to become missional rather than institutional. Chan believes God is using this moment of the pandemic to test our faith.
  • Pastor of large Calif. church refuses to obey county orders after $50,000 fine

    Pastor of large Calif. church refuses to obey county orders after $50,000 fine

    Jack Trieber, the pastor of North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, California that was fined over $50,000 for holding indoor worship services said in a video statement that even as the county increases penalties, the church will remain open for service. On Tuesday, September 1st, Trieber sha…
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