Faith Leaders Condemn Pastor’s Words Cursing Those Who Stole The Election From Trump

Church leaders condemned a pastor for releasing words that cursed those who allegedly stole the elections from President Donald Trump.

Chinese Police, Gov’t Officers Raid Homeschool Run By Church

A house where children from a persecuted megachurch were being homeschooled in Chengdu, China was raided by a group of police officers and government officials. The incident was mentioned by the churc…
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  • Trieber Takes a Stand

    Pastor of California Church Vows to ‘Take a Stand’ as Church is Fined $10,000

    North Valley Baptist Church of Santa Ana was fined $10,000 last Friday for holding worship services indoors. The church held both a morning and evening service in which singing occurred, directly disobeying Governor Newsom's mandates against indoor services. Despite reports of North Valley pra…
  • Religion and Politics

    Church Head Warns Christians of the Dangers of Political Division

    Assemblies of God Church U.S. superintendent warns denomination of partisan politics and their decisive nature, reminding parishioners to stay true to the Church's ethical mission.
  • Pastor Rob McCoy and Charlie Kirk at Godspeak Calvary Chapel

    Pastor Fined $3000 For Indoor Services Despite COVID-19 Restrictions

    Pastor Rob McCoy and his church has been fined due to willing violations in indoor gathering restrictions set by California Governor Newsom. Although the county suggested a fine of $6000, the court ordered the church to pay $3,000 which included $500 for each violation. McCoy responded, "It's a sma…
  • 'Christians don't date non-Christians

    J.D Greear assumes Christians don't date non-believers

    J.D Greear discusses the ache of loneliness in humanity that one ache we have does not arise from sin. Explaining why Christians don't date non-Christians, J.D Greear reminds individuals that communication is the key to a relationship. According to Greear, Christians view their dating and marriage s…
  • Pastor John MacArthur giving a sermon to his congregation

    Pastor John MacArthur's argues against church closure under Gov. Newsom's COVID-19 mandate

    The ongoing battle between Grace Community Church and Los Angeles County officials is still ongoing as Pastor John MacArthur states that he and his congregation has a moral and religious obligation to allow their attendants to gather and worship the Lord.
  • WHO confirmed evidence that COVID-19 might be spread by tiny particles of moisture

    WHO confirmed evidence that COVID-19 might be spread by tiny particles of moisture

    Jonathan Reid, a professor of chemistry who is leading a research team at Bristol University in the United Kingdom is looking into virus transmission and singing. Reid stated how important it is to know how many particles spread during singing or regular talking.
  • US Churches Sue to Challenge COVID-19 Restriction

    US Churches Sue to Challenge COVID-19 Restriction

    Backed up by a conservative legal group, many churches in California and Minnesota filed lawsuits this week against the governors of their states challenging restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus pandemic. ABC News reported "Across the country, the vast majority of churches have cooperated …
  • North Point is suspending services until 2021

    North Point is suspending services until 2021

    Pastor Andy Stanley of Atlanta's North Point Community Church announced that his church decided to suspend services until 2021. Regarding that issue, some members accused him of "bowing to Caesar" and "left-wing, Marxist agenda" Christian Post reported that Pastor Andy Stanley uploaded a video ex…
  • Redeemer Presbyterian Church purchases Upper East Side building for $30 million

    Redeemer Presbyterian Church purchases Upper East Side building for $30 million

    Redeemer Presbyterian Church recently purchased a multi-family building for $30 million in an all-cash deal, making it the second largest real estate deal on the Upper East Side this year. The new location will join the current family of Redeemer churches which includes Downtown, Lincoln Square, Eas…
  • Church under fire for in-person service

    COVID-19 Violations Lead to Possible Closure of Church and Imprisonment of Parishioners

    Earlier this summer, Governor Gavin Newsom released a closure order banning large gatherings and demanding many businesses and organizations to cease in-person operations. Among those affected were churches, who have had to move to online services and worship. However, some see this order as an in…
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