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Sarah Mae Saliong


Pfizer Says Its COVID-19 Vaccine Efficacy Wanes Over Time, Pushes Boosters For New Variants


Pfizer has lately said that research from Israel and the United States have shown that the effectiveness of their shots COVID-19 is declining with time and that booster doses are helpful in dealing with emerging viral strains.READ MORE

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem

Gov. Kristi Noem Blasts Biden Administration’s ‘Talk About Being Religious’, Urges Americans To Contrast Their Actions Against God’s Word


South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem spoke with CBN News on the Biden administration's unbiblical policies, Dr. Anthony Fauci's lack of integrity, abortion, and the spiritual plight of America.READ MORE

truth about COVID

CDC And WHO Redefine ‘Vaccine' And 'Herd Immunity' To Manipulate People Into Getting The Jabs


The CDC and WHO have reportedly redefined three key medical terms pertaining to diseases, thus redefining today's "reality" about COVID.READ MORE

SoCal Harvest 2021

Pastor Greg Laurie Holding Massive SoCal Harvest On October, Says ‘I Believe We’re On The Precipice Of A Great, Global Revival’


Finally, after having been postponed due to COVID lockdowns, the SoCal Harvest, which will feature a night of worship and revival, will be held in less than two weeks from now at the Angel Stadium in Anaheim, California.READ MORE

Steve Strang

Christian Media Giant Stephen Strang Blasts Cancel Culture, Urges Believers To Stand Up Because 'Enough Is Enough'


A renowned evangelical Christian media leader wrote a new book which aims to raise Christians' understanding of the perils of "cancel culture."READ MORE

worship at church

California Preacher Calls On Church Leaders To Be ‘Wartime Pastors’ Amid This Present Evil Time


Noting that things are rapidly worsening, California-based revivalist and preacher Mario Murillo warned that pastors' silence would be seen as a "turncoat" and is calling on church leaders to be "wartime pastors."READ MORE

Man with mask and gloves

Nearly 3000 French Healthcare Workers Suspended For Refusing To Be Vaccinated, Risk Being Laid Off


Around 3,000 French citizens employed in the medical and care sectors have been suspended from work for failing to get jabbed despite being given an ultimatum by the government.READ MORE

COVID statistics shown on screen

Despite Having A Highly Vaccinated Population, Israel Experiences Unprecedented Daily Infection Rates: Report


Despite having most of its people vaccinated against COVID, Israel recorded the highest daily coronavirus infections per capita, with the Ministry of Health reporting more than 10,700 new cases each day.READ MORE

man in church kneeling in prayer

Pastor Weighs In On Trump’s Call To Fast And Pray: It’s A ‘Hunger Strike Against Hell’


Shane Idleman, Pastor of Westside Christian Fellowship, discussed the spiritual significance of "prayer and fasting," which was mentioned by former President Trump in his 9/11 address to the nation.READ MORE

World Health Organization Headquarters

WHO Ignored "Deleted Virology Database" And Evidence Of Coronavirus' Origin: Report


The World Health Organization's (WHO) reluctance to pursue what might have been its most promising investigation lead raises questions, considering that the deleted Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) database is generally regarded as the most probable explanation of a viral laboratory breach.READ MORE

Christian rock band Skillet

Skillet’s John Cooper Reveals He Was Once Promised Fame In Exchange For Not Talking About Jesus Christ


Skillet's John Cooper found himself at a juncture in his career a decade ago when he was offered greater recognition if he would refrain from speaking so much about Jesus.READ MORE

President Biden enjoying his ice cream

Biden's COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Clashes With Gov. Abbott's Order Banning Hospital Vaccine Requirements; TX Hospitals Fear Closure


In Texas, hospital directors are split between the President's vaccine mandate and the governor's directive, fearful that mandate-related employee resignations would collapse the health system.READ MORE

Dr. Stella Immanuel

Dr. Immanuel On Medical Fascism: "The Only Reason This Continues To Drag On Is When Good People Say And Do Nothing"


Dr. Stella Immanuel, who was targeted by the mainstream press' smear campaign for challenging the CDC's and Dr. Anthony Fauci's narrative on COVID-19 treatments, now feels vindicated and applauds those "who would rather take a stand against the mandate than be forced to take the shot."READ MORE

administering a vaccine

NY Health Care Workers File Lawsuit Against State's Unlawful Vaccine Mandate


New York's attempt to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for health care workers has become a flashpoint in a nationwide debate over whether government officials should require the jabs to combat coronavirus outbreaks.READ MORE

vaccine vials

Religious Exemptions Are Important Now That Government Is Forcing People To Get Vaccinated


Americans are now finding ways to fight against the Biden administration's tyrannical vaccine mandate, forcing people to get vaccinated for COVID lest they lose their jobs.READ MORE

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