In episode 90 of the Cooperstuff podcast, Skillet frontman and bassist John Cooper asserts that there are several reasons to be positive about the year 2022.

"We're going to start the year off right with getting our eyes fixed on wisdom fixed on the word of God," Cooper remarked for his first Cooperstuff episode of the year 2022.

He goes on to explain that there will be a bigger separation of those who will prosper and continue to have excellent results, and those who will encounter negative experiences. Christians who continue to embrace biblical principles, he continued, will reap blessings, while those who do not will continue to face actual negative consequences.

"I hope and I pray in humility that when we look at the Word of God and we look at our world through that, and we're looking to wisdom and we make decisions based on this wisdom, we are going to thrive and have these positive outcomes," he said.

"My hope and optimism is that the world begins to see those positive outcomes and then the world begins to try to mimic it," he added.

Citing Proverbs 17:24, which declares, "The wise seek knowledge, but the foolish seek the ends of the world," he emphasized that wisdom can only be found in God's revealed Word, which is the standard by which all human affairs should be measured.

Still, Cooper maintained that there "will be a contingency of people that will begin to have faith in the Word of God because they have seen it applied and they have seen that it works."

While many have succumbed to fear mongering and mass hysteria, Cooper focuses on the good, noting that many who were least anticipated to speak out against COVID policies are now doing so. They are not just backtracking prior comments; they are stating what sensible minds have been saying all along: lockdowns, masks, and even vax are ineffective at controlling COVID.

Notably, he shared Ben Shapiro's sentiments on his Twitter thread.

Cooper also discussed how progressive humanists would attempt to rationalize their response to these issues. Their strategies, he said, would fail. The same is true of certain Christians' social advocacies, he said.

To be effective, he said, social justice must be based in God's Word. He highlighted Mayor London Breed of San Francisco as an example, noting her call for police budget to be cut. Now, Cooper continued, she made a 180-degree turn.

Cooper, on the other hand, admitted that Christians who stood up for what is right faced abuse and opposition.

"You Christians who live in San Francisco who spoke out against the policies that she was enacting, you personally said that 'this is not justice...because it is not in line with the word of God, it is not in line with the way that the Word of God teaches us about human nature. That's going to lead to more pain. That's going to lead to more deaths. That's going to lead to more pain specifically for the most marginalized people in the community... It's against the worldview of the bible and if you do it, you're going to cause a lot of pain. If that was you Christian living in San Francisco, you are still the bad guy. You are still the racist you are still the person who just doesn't love prisoners and victims the way that Jesus did according to the woke social justice crowd."

Cooper emphasized, however, that Christians should not be upset with those who do not understand clearly, particularly those who are not saved. He added that Christians cannot expect these people to behave wisely if they lack the spirit of wisdom that Christians possess.

"The most important thing for 2022...we need to look at the Word of God," he concluded.