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File Lawsuit

Nine Methodist Ministers in Louisiana File Lawsuit Against Conference, Alleging Flawed Disaffiliation Process


Know about the nine methodist ministers in Louisiana who filed a case against other Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, saying that their disaffiliation process is flawed.READ MORE

the voice, Bodie

'The Voice' Singer's Powerful Worship Performance Moves Judges to Tears, Earns Spot on Stage with Brandon Lake in LA


Know about Bodie Kuljian, a musician who rose to fame after impressing the judges on "The Voice" finale shared on social media that he had the opportunity to perform with Lake during his concert in Los Angeles. READ MORE

Gender-affriming care on youth

Iowa Passes Controversial Bills Banning Gender-Affirming Care for Minors and Imposing Restrictions on Transgender Bathroom Use


Know about the recent move of Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa, who has signed two laws that would restrict the rights of transgender minors and students to undergo gender-affirming care and also bathroom policies. READ MORE

Latter Day Saints, Charity

Church of Jesus Christ Sets New Record for Charitable Giving in 2022, Surpassing Previous Year's Contributions


Know about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Latter-day Saint Charities, which donated around $1.02 billion to charity in 2022, according to their most recent annual report.READ MORE

Protest, Riot, Violent

Violent Clash Erupts as Christian Activist Group Advocates for 'Real Boys' to Drag LGBTQ Protesters Out by Their Hair, Video Reveals


Know the Christian group that has been involved in violent altercations with LGBTQI+ activists, but claims to be a peaceful organization. Click the headline to learn more.READ MORE


Jerusalem Church Attack Prompts Call for Global Safeguarding of Holy Sites by Religious Leaders


Know about a terrorist attack that happened at a church in Jerusalem, specifically at the Tomb of the Virgin Mary. Discover their call for international security as the fear of terrorism arises.READ MORE

Vatican, Pope Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI's Personal Secretary Seeks to Find Late Pontiff's Five Cousins Who Are Potential Heirs


Archbishop Georg Gänswein, who aided Pope Benedict XVI, took on the task of managing the late Pope's estate. However, he was shocked when he discovered more heirs to the estate than he expected.READ MORE

Transgender Care, Gender Transitiin Care

US Bishops Assert Catholic Health Care Providers Should Refrain from Administering 'Gender Transition' Procedures


Discover the released statement by United States Catholic Bishops on the ethical standards to be upheld in Catholic healthcare institutions that they should refrain from performing "gender transition" procedures. READ MORE

Youth, Duscussion, Gen Z

Disney Documentary Captures Pope Francis' Candid Discussion with Gen Z on LGBTQ Rights, Abortion, Other Social Issues


Discover the new Disney documentary that captures Pope Francis' conversation with the youth tackling societal issues and helping each other learn their needs.READ MORE

Judge, Dismiss, Lawsuit

36 North Carolina Churches Denied Exit from United Methodist Church as Judge Dismisses Lawsuit


36 United Methodist churches North Carolina had filed a lawsuit seeking to disaffiliate themselves from the Western North Carolina Conference but later on, was dismissed by Judge Richard L. Doughton of the Iredell County Superior Court.READ MORE

gender-affirming care

Missouri Attorney General Proposes Law to Ban Transgender Healthcare for Minors, Sparking Backlash From LGBTQ+ Advocates


Discover updates about Andrew Bailey, the Missouri Attorney General, who chas announced that his office will file an emergency regulation to restrict access to gender-affirming care for minors. READ MORE

Shopping mall

Vatican Opens Shopping Mall Near St. Peter's Square Ahead of 2025 Jubilee Celebration


Know about the updates on the Vatican as they recently opened a shopping mall called the "Caput Mundi" Mall on March 16, next to St. Peter's Square. Read more to learn more.READ MORE

Priestly Celibacy, Priest, church

Former Priest Cites Potential Increase in Leadership Diversity Within Catholic Church If Priests Are Allowed to Marry


Know about the ex-Catholic priest who left the church to start a family has agreed with Pope Francis' recent comments about celibacy not being an essential element of the Catholic priesthood.READ MORE

Cornerstone Church, United Methodis Church

Cornerstone Church Severs Ties with United Methodist Church Denomination


Know about the recent move of the Cornerstone Church, the biggest congregation in the Michigan state of United Methodists voted to leave the denomination.READ MORE

fire, firefighters

Burlington County Community Mourns As Historic Church Falls Victim to Devastating Fire


Discover the devastating fire that eats up the historic church in Burlington County as the community mourns for the loss of their place of worship. Click the headline to learn more.READ MORE

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