Temporary Worship Center, Fountain of Life Center

A massive fire burned down the Fountain of Life Center in Burlington, New Jersey, causing heartbreaks and sadness to the parish members and forcing the bordering school to close for the rest of the year.

A temporary worship center has been revealed by the church's pastor, which will open to everyone this coming Sunday, wherein the celebration of the last day of Holy Week and the resurrection of Jesus Christ comes.

A Temporary Place of Worship for the Fountain of Life Center in Burlington, New Jersey

The new place is a retrofitted gymnasium inside the Fountain of Life's Campus Community Center and may seem unconventional, and the temporary site has three basketball courts. But Pastor Russel Hodgins said that God sent this place. According to CBS News, The area is an appropriate choice for their services because it features stadium seating for 650 people. Finding a place to worship was the main priority despite the fire's devastation, and the new temporary center will give the church a warm location to assemble and pray.

The Fountain of Life Church was destroyed by fire on March 20; all that was left was the steel and brick structure. According to Fox 29. the fire's origin is still a mystery. Despite the tragedy, the congregation got together for services in a nearby high school. However, they find great significance in returning to their old location on Easter Sunday.

According to Pastor Hodgins, Easter Sunday is the best Sunday to return home. The church was severely damaged, with practically everything inside being lost. A drone photo of the cross resting in the middle of the sanctuary touched Pastor Hodgins. Despite the destruction, the church is still dedicated to reestablishing and maintaining its community.

Even the local fire marshal, according to Pastor Hodgins, was amazed at how the church had collapsed and referred to it as impressive. In the report shared in Yahoo! News, according to Hodgins, the church's demise is a symbol of this spiritual age, showing that the genuine church is the community of believers. There is a vision to elevate the commonplace to the holy and a vow to reconstruct.

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Massive Fire Eats Up The Fountain of Life Center

Over 100 emergency personnel from five counties in New Jersey struggled to remove the flames and thick smoke caused by the large fire that destroyed the church, resulting in the tragic loss of the Fountain of Life Center. According to the report shared in Christianity Daily, the firefighting department has been forced to do a defensive operation because of the size of the building and the intensity of the fire. According to Robert Tharp, the Florence Township Fire District administrator, investigations are still being conducted to determine the fire's origin.

Firefighters tried to contain the raging fire by distributing water on a passage that connected the two structures. Still, the flames had destroyed mainly the inside, and the roof had fallen. Portable ponds were constructed in the parking lot to provide the firefighters with additional water to fight the fire. In expressing his sorrow over the loss, Pastor Russell Hodgins described it as heartbreaking for their community.

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