The Pro-life pregnancy center CompassCare in Buffalo, New York was firebombed around Tuesday morning at the hands of the pro-abortion activist group Jane's Revenge, spray painting "Jane Was Here" on the side of the building.

In a statement, they said the police and firefighters were dispatched to CompassCare's Buffalo office after reports of smoke. The reception area and nurses' office windows were shattered, and fires were started.

The arsonists left graffiti on the structure referring to the abortion terrorist group, which also took credit for the firebombing of a pro-life group office in Madison, Wisconsin last May. As the possible repealing of Roe v. Wade approaches, the organization threatened to attack more in other states, urging its members to join "Night of Rage."

In recent months, CompassCare and other pro-life assistance facilities have been the subject of an online and in-person assaults. Through this rising violence against pro-life advocates, CompassCare had reached out to local police and the FBI. They also sought advice from security experts and hired a security contractor to expedite the installation of reinforced glass at the Buffalo office.

Pro-Life Advocate Slams Threats, Attacks, And Violence

According to them, it was ironic that New York Governor Kathy Hochul not only ignored the violence but also set aside $35 million in government cash to beef up security at abortion clinics. It was also an added insult to them when the New York house enacted a bill to scrutinize life pregnancy centers "because they do not perform abortions"

CompassCare's CEO, Jim Harden described the incident as "Kristallnacht," Nazi's torching of synagogues, vandalizing Jewish homes, schools, and businesses, and killing of almost 100 Jews in 1938.

Harden decried the acts of violence that would hinder them from helping women undergoing unplanned pregnancies. He said, "I wonder if Gov. Hochul will veto the Pregnancy Center Investigation Bill? I wonder if Attorney General Letitia James will investigate these cowardly criminals?"

He announced the restoration of the CompassCare building, serving more women because he said they "deserve better." They will not stop serving because the pro-life advocates believed that "pre-born boys and girls deserve protection."

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Calling the Government to Act

CompassCare urged people to call on 20 legislators who disagreed with the "Pregnancy Center Investigation Bill," to help them condemn violence against pro-life service centers; encouraged the NY Governor to Veto the S470 bill; and to appeal from Attorney General James to probe the "actual criminals."

Recently, the same pro-abortion group had reportedly thrown red paint on the front door of a pregnancy center in Washington D.C. They spray-painted the same hate speech on the walls of the building as those in the pregnancy centers in Wisconsin last May.

They were also held responsible for destroying several churches based in Olympia, Washington area. Threatening pro-life advocates with "To those who work to oppress us: If abortion isn't safe, you aren't either. We are everywhere."

Despite the threats, attacks, and violence, CBN News said they were "unaware of any arrest in connection with terrorist crimes."

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