A pro-life organization in Wisconsin is receiving cruel and filthy phone calls threatening death and misery on personnel after its offices were damaged by fire and a Molotov cocktail on Sunday.

Since word surfaced, these messages have been pouring in that the Wisconsin Family Action (WFA) had been damaged by fire, with vandals of bizarre statement outside the premises. "If abortions aren't safe, then neither are you," the frightening message stated.

Following the suspected arson attack, WFA Executive Vice President Micah Pearce told Not the Bee that his coworkers had received alarming death threats and abusive messages. These reactions and the attack itself followed a U.S. government leak. The draft decision of the Supreme Court in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization case. The pro-choice backlash reached a tipping point as the proposed text in this pivotal abortion case suggests the court could repeal Roe v. Wade and nationalize abortion.

Not the Bee published a mashup of some of the most worrisome proclamations, giving Pearce a window into the ruckus and the disturbing messages his office is getting.

One woman left a message asking whether the attack was the result of arson or "the good Lord" making the organization "an example of hell," and she expressed her gratitude to God for "taking action" against the group. Another man, using damnation, stated that WFA employees would "burn." He cursed WFA employees, telling them they deserved it.

Another man left a frightening voicemail, singing, "Burn, little Jesus freaks, burn, burn, burn!" This "burn in hell" motif was an unusually continuous thread across critics." Hatred and expletives littered many of the letters, while sinister laughs and sick joy engulfed the seething responses.

Moreover, a man commended the one who started the fire, saying that he's a "true American patriot." Then more harsh words blasted among the WFA employees such as "filth" and wishing them "all to have cancer."

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Pro-Choice Group Claiming Arson, Threatens More

Pro-choice group Jane's Revenge, claimed the responsibility for torching the Madison headquarters of a statewide anti-abortion group, and has threatened additional violence if similar groups do not disperse across the country, Journal Star reported.

The statement shows contempt for a variety of groups "in every city" and alleges that the strike on Wisconsin Family Action on Madison's North Side is just the beginning.

Public comments from Madison police and the FBI, which is assisting in the investigation of the arson and graffiti at Wisconsin Family Action overnight Saturday, were not promptly returned. Madison police announced that no arrests had been made in the incident.

On Wednesday, Madison Police Department informed the public in a tweet that they were aware of a group claiming responsibility for the arson at Wisconsin Family Action. However, the statement could not be independently verified by the Wisconsin State Journal despite Bellingcat writer Robert Evans claiming that he got the information from a reliable source. Authorities said they're still investigating the accuracy of that assertion with their federal partners.

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