Andrew Torba, the CEO of Gab, appealed to believers not to succumb to the forces that rule the "post-truth world," but also to avoid doing anything rash. He stressed that keeping their composure would give them the power to effectively resist those who were actively trying to oppress them.

Torba said in a blog post published on August 29 that the "powers that be" are deliberately attempting to exhaust people by putting out inconsistent and conflicting information from "authoritative" sources on a regular basis.

"Are you keeping up? This is the reality of living in a post-truth world," he said.

"They want us shell shocked with rapidly changing information overload which leads to option paralysis and fear," Torba explained noting that "when people are in a state of fear coupled with option paralysis, they are very susceptible to manipulation and easy to control."

In the last few months, reports from Christianity Daily show that globalists are working on a system that designates who gets access to day-to-day life during a pandemic, with the Pope simultaneously calling for a "new world order" after the pandemic.

Glenn Beck was also on record this year detailing how a major reset is happening in Europe.

Torba noted that amid the fallout of this turmoil, families, small businesses, and countries are crumbling.

Using America as an example, he outlined some of the ways in which he believed his country had gone astray in recent years. He mentioned election fraud, failing to pull back troops from NATO countries which flooded the United States with refugees, failure to protect the country's borders which allowed hundreds of thousands of people to flood in, buying up properties from families and making them unaffordable, flooding the world with dollars, and inflating currencies.

He also did not give censorship a pass.

"They are transferring trillions of dollars in wealth to themselves and shutting up each and every last voice of dissent to it all while doing it. All while the while you worry about a virus that statistically you have a 99% chance of surviving with the immune system God gave you," he wrote.

The Christian entrepreneur pointed out that it is designed to be tiring and difficult to keep up with, and that it is intended to deplete individuals intellectually, physically, and spiritually so that they will ultimately surrender to their rule.

"Don't," he said emphatically.

"In the post-truth world anything goes. Chaos reigns. Those who create the chaos manifest their means of control. Do not comply. Do not give them one inch. Stand your ground. Hold the line," he urged.

Christians should shun the "post-truth world," he continued, since they already possess the ultimate truth in Jesus and His Gospel, which serves as a solid basis upon which to build their lives.

Torba further stressed that God is the ultimate authority, not the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Biden administration, the World Health Organization, or the political pundits on mainstream news outlets.

"Now more than ever we need saving. We need Truth. We need Order," he said. "The battle rages on, but the war has already been won and we must never forget that. We must cling to the cross and stand firm in our convictions."

In this time of adversity, Torba ended his post by encouraging his followers to demonstrate their love for one another, to be obedient to God, to be humble, and to have complete faith in God.

"I know we can do it, because we serve the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, the Creator of the universe. May you find comfort in His Truth and keep the faith," he concluded.