Now that vaccines meant for COVID-19 are being distributed and administered to Americans and other people across the world, globalists are working to create a system meant to monitor those who have been inoculated while determining those who haven't been vaccinated yet.

Several international groups, such as the globalist World Economic Forum (WEF) as well as IBM, are now working on platforms where those inoculated can add their information in exchange for an identifier, like QR codes, that can be used as "digital passport" of sorts, The Blaze reported.

As per CNN, these groups and companies are "developing smartphone apps or systems for individuals to upload details of their COVID-19 tests and vaccinations, creating digital credentials that could be shown in order to enter concert venues, stadiums, movie theaters, offices, or even countries."

The WEF, which is known to push for the "global socialism" known as "The Great Reset," is currently working with a Geneva-based nonprofit called The Commons Project to create the "CommonPass" app.

Those who use the app will be tasked to document their COVID-19 status, which includes their health declarations, PCR test results, and vaccinations. The app will then issue users a unique QR code they will present to authorities when traveling. The information they share will be used to "satisfy country entry requirements." It's like a digital passport that uses inoculation as credentials for passage.

The CommonPass app's website perfectly describes this idea. It tells users to "share your current health status so you can safely return to travel and life."

On the other hand, IBM, linked to known globalist Microsoft founder Bill Gates, is working on a so-called "Digital Health Pass." Its website touts it as a "smart way to return to society" — as if going out to visit family and friends, or do transactions at various offices or businesses, responsibly, isn't enough.

Per its website, the "IBM Digital Health Pass is designed to provide organizations with a smart way to bring people back to a physical location, such as a workplace, school, stadium or airline flight."

The Digital Health Pass basically works the same way as the WEF's CommonPass app. Users will need to upload their credentials (vaccination records, PCR tests, and so on) to the system so that it can be forwarded to an unnamed "verifying organization" which will then in turn check the credential.

Once the verifying organization is finished verifying the user's credentials, the user will then be able to use those credentials as a "health pass" to be able to enjoy things people normally enjoyed before COVID-19 first appeared in Wuhan, China, and then spread to the rest of the world: eat at a restaurant, watch a baseball game at a stadium, go to a concert, enjoy attractions at an amusement park, and so on.

The people behind both apps boast that their platforms offer privacy. CommonPass, for example, says individuals will have control over their lab results and other information, and will "consent to have that information used to validate their COVID status without revealing any other underlying personal health information."

IBM's Digital Health Pass, on the other hand, will "allow individuals to maintain control of their personal health information and share it in a way that is secured, verifiable, and trusted."

Controlling the world

That said, privacy is not the only thing people are concerned about. Per The Blaze, these methods, as well as those being developed by other groups such as the "Covid-19 Credentials Initiative," raises concerns about who gets "barred from entry into participating venues or countries." There's also the concern about countries with populations without access to the internet.

Moreover, these groups' actions seem to contribute to the widely reported "Great Reset" which is "essentially global socialism," as per CBN.

Justin Haskins, Editorial Director for The Heartland Institute and an authority on the Great Reset, said it is "a radical and complete transformation of everything that we do in our society." He added that the elites and technocrats will be the ones leading society, making decisions for the people.

Cardinal Raymond Burke, speaking about the Great Reset, said the "Wuhan Virus" is being "used by certain forces, inimical to families and to the freedom of states, to advance their evil agenda."

"These forces tell us that we are now the subjects of the so-called 'Great Reset', the 'New Normal', which is dictated to us by their manipulation of citizens and nations through ignorance and fear."