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Faith Harvest Angel Tree

Faith Harvest Church Hosts Christmas Party for Children and Families of Incarcerated Individuals

Faith Harvest Church, located in North Hills, CA, hosted a rather special Christmas party on Sunday — one for the children and families of incarcerated individuals. The party was hosted through the ‘Angel Tree’ program of the Prison Fellowship, a non-profit which ministers to individuals within the prison system, prepares them to readjust to life outside of prison, and helps them to maintain healthy relationships with their families.

5 Breads 2 Fish

In Skid Row, ‘We Experience the Miracle of Jesus Everyday’

A few blocks’ walk eastbound past the flashy area of downtown Los Angeles is Skid Row. Within the U.S., Los Angeles is home to the most individuals who are homeless, and within Los Angeles, most of those who are homeless call Skid Row their home. And in the middle of Skid Row is 5 Breads 2 Fish, a ministry that serves those who are homeless and poor in the name of Jesus.

Heal Our Land

'Heal Our Land' Prayer Gathering Organizers Facing $28K Deficit in Funds

The multi-ethnic prayer gathering organized by Korean church leaders which took place on October 23 has resulted in a deficit of $28,611.59 as of November 10. The event brought in $59,256.96 in funds through donations, advertisements, and offering given by attendees on the day of the event, but expenditures for the event totaled $87,868.55.

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