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LA Theology Conference

Theologians Gather in Southern California to Discuss the ‘Task of Dogmatics’

For the fifth time, theologians from Southern California and across the world gathered in the West Coast for the annual ‘Los Angeles Theology Conference’ co-hosted by Zondervan, Biola University, and Fuller Theological Seminary. This year, the conference took place at Biola University from January 12 to 13. The two institutions take turns hosting the conference each year.

GKYM Rochester 2016

Hundreds of Young Adults and Youth Commit to Missions at GKYM Conference

About 600 individuals committed to missions at the annual ‘GKYM Conference’ which took place this year at the Rochester Riverside Convention Center from December 27 to 30. GKYM Conferences have taken place in different cities each year, and the conference last took place in Rochester three years ago in 2013.

UBM Old Testament

Christianity Daily Presents Awards to Seminary Students

Christianity Daily, in partnership with with United Breakthrough Ministries (UBM) and Bliss Travel, hosted an essay competition for which participants were required to attend a seminar on the Old Testament and submit an essay in response to the seminar.

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