Trump Declares January 22nd “National Sanctity of Human Life Day”

President Donald Trump issued a proclamation declaring Jan. 22 as "National Sanctity of Human Life Day", acknowledging victims of abortion and calls for people for its eradication.

North Dakota Looking At Legislation Preventing Most Abortions In State

North Dakota is looking at using legislation to prevent abortions from being carried out in the state, and consider it a felony to do such a procedure, reports say.
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  • Maya Moore and Jonathan Irons married after being released from wrongful conviction.

    Christian basketball player, Maya Moore married a man who was in prison for over two decades

    Maya Moore understands only through God glorious and the most mysteries miracles happen. Moore stated she stepped away from her career so she could fight for Iron's justice. She also shared her wedding photos throughout Instagram. Moore opened up about her faith in Christ as she exclaimed this exper…
  • Charles 'Chuck' Feeney donates more than $8M

    Charles Feeney, former billionaire now broke after donating for better use.

    Charles Feeny hoped the remaining billionaires would follow his examples and use the money to help address the world's biggest problems. He exclaims that 'wealth brings responsibility.' Feeny and his wife, Helga Feeney, notified that they just celebrated with Bill Gates and the former California Gov…
  • Calvary Chapel Church's Baptism 2020, held at Corona Del Mar State Beach.

    Nearly 1,000 people baptized at Corona Del Mar State Beach

    Nearly 1,000 people were baptized on Sept. 12th held at Corona Del Mar State Beach in Orange County. Worshippers gathered for Calvary Chapel Church's Baptism and professed their faith in Jesus. Baptism from the Church is known to be held every year outdoors rounded up to 300 attendees. Corona Del Ma…
  • Grace Community Church

    John MacArthur and Grace Community Church Continue to Defy Court with Indoor Services

    Pastor John MacArthur and Grace Community Church continue to hold packed indoor worship services despite multiple closure and restraining orders.
  • Police barricades the park

    Seattle park closes worship event amid riots

    Sean Feucht, a 'Let Us Worship' organizer just announced on Fox News the park was closed. The worship service continued to be held on the streets as many believers attended. Regardless of riots vandalizing properties and objects, it is stated the police were focused on the worship team to evacuate.
  • LaShenda Williams

    A Kroger Supermarket hires a homeless woman

    The supermarket stated they will take care of her and not let her live in the car especially throughout the pandemic. The corporate affairs manager told Fox News, "her uplifting spirit is contagious. She has made such a positive impact on her fellow team members, and so many customers as well. We ar…
  • Currently churches and homes are demolished and residents are left with no shelter

    Baptist church pastor dies from hurricane Laura

    Among 18 deaths related to Hurricane Laura, Pastor James Vernon cart Jr. who pastored First Baptist Church of Iota has died on Aug 27th. According to his wife, the pastor has gone to bed around 2:00 A.M while she was with her grandkids and suddenly a tree fell on his roof.
  • Pastor Tim Keller, survivor of cancer, retired pastor for Redeemed Presbyterian Church, co-founder of The Gospel Coalition

    Pastor Tim Keller provides updates on his fight with cancer

    Pastor Tim Keller has stated that there is progress on this ongoing fight with cancer. In doing so, he also expressed his dependence on God during this time.
  • Pastor John Piper, founder of

    Pastor John Piper's advice on how to recover from a tragedy

    Pastor John Piper starts his conversation on recovering from suffering with an introduction of a broken woman's story. She asked for guidance saying, "Pastor John, I need your help. Tragically, back in 2007, I backed over and killed my 18-month-old grandson with a car. I was devastated. I remain dev…
  • Bishop Yambasu's sudden death strikes believers

    Bishop Yambasu dies from road accident

    On August 16, the Bishop of the Sierra Leone Area of The United Methodist Church passed away from a road accident outside Freetown. According to Phileas Jusu, the Bishop was on his way to attend a funeral service for Rev. Edward Kamara. Bishop Yambasu, the founder of the Child Rescue Centre in Si…
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