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Pastor Kim prayer12

Pastor Kim's Daily Prayer: Your Grace Saves Us

God, who has granted this morning of grace on this new day of life! We give you praise for you have led us in your truth, allowing us to live this new day of grace. I thank you for helping me learn of your saving grace through today's passage in which you salvaged your people from the mire instead of letting them fall prey to evil.

Pastor Kim prayer10

Pastor Kim's Daily Prayer: Help Me to Walk with You and Put You First

God, who created the heavens and the earth with your word! I give you praise, for you are speaking even now and you work and achieve as you have stated. I give thanks that through this passage (Ezekiel 12), you helped me to see not only the fulfillment of prophecy concerning Judah, which faced a future of fear and unrest, but that you have also pointed out the peoples' erroneous beliefs.

Photo of the Gutenberg Bible

Bible Verses on Thanksgiving: Why Is It Important to Thank God? 18 Ways That Christians Can Thank, Honor and Praise God, As Taught By Scripture

Thanksgiving is defined in the dictionary as “the giving of gratitude, especially towards God.” The Greek word for thanksgiving is “eucharistia,” which translates to “the giving of thanks for God’s grace,” gratitude, and giving of thanks. The Bible commands believers to thank God. An example of this is found in Psalm chapter 100 verse 4, which states “enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.” The structure of this statement is not a suggestion. It is a definite command. A few reasons why the Bible commands Christians to give thanksgiving to God is because it keeps us in a right relationship with God and allows us to maintain a good perspective on life. When our hearts are filled with thanksgiving, we keep the sins and temptations of greed, selfishness, and self-sufficiency away. As Christians thank God daily, they are reminded of everything that God has given to them. Everything is from God. Thanksgiving reminds Christians of what they have and the blessings they have received from the LORD. Christianity Daily compiled a list of 18 Bible verses on the importance of giving thanks to God.

Pastor Kim prayer9

Pastor Kim's Daily Prayer: Give Us Pure Hearts

On this morning of abundant grace and glory,God, the overseer of history and ruler of all nations, I give you praise for you rule this world according to your word and will. In today's passage (Ezekiel 11:1-13), you were aware of the evil plots of corrupted religious leaders, and you inflicted punishment upon them, against which there is no protection.

Pastor Kim prayer8

Pastor Kim's Daily Prayer: Purify Us of Sin

I look to the Lord who provided this new morning of life. The Almighty God of providence who transcends time and place! I give you thanks for being with me with your power and glory, ruling with justice. Through today's passage (Ezekiel 10:1-22), in observing the glory of God departing from the temple as judgment like fury and fire fell upon an Israel tainted with idol worship and sin, I realized that the reason the Lord's glory left was sin.

Pastor Kim prayer7

Pastor Kim's Daily Prayer: Discerning and Rooting Out Sin

Hallelujah! To the holy and glorious Lord who opens this blessed day with his guidance, I give praise. I thank you for always being with me in all aspects of my life, showering me with your grace. God, you allowed Ezekiel to see that your temple, which should be full of holiness and glory, instead became a detestable place of idol worship (Ezekiel 8:1-18).

Somang Society

Well-Being, and Well-Dying: Preparing for Last Stages of Life

Somang Society held its 142nd awareness seminar on "well-being, well-aging, and well-dying" on September 20th at Junimseun Church in Torrance. The Korean non-profit focuses on the topic of aging and dying, and spreading awareness on how to prepare for the last stage of life. Seminars such as the one that took place on the 20th are one of the ways through which Somang Society strives to spread awareness on the issue.

Pastor Kim prayer6

Pastor Kim's Daily Prayer: Let Me Seek You First

Faithful God! I praise you for your unchanging care upon my life. Lord, this morning, I give thanks that I can peacefully begin this new day through your love and grace. God, in today's passage, Israel loses all hope and receives judgment, inflicted with calamity because of its sin and pride (Ezekiel 7:14-27).

Pastor Kim prayer5

Pastor Kim's Daily Prayer: I Desire to Be Holy

Holy, holy, holy God! God, who fosters a holy life in us even through discipline. I give you thanks for providing this morning, that I may respond to your grace. I also give thanks for revealing to me the impending punishment afflicted upon the detestable people through the symbolism of Ezekiel's beard (Ezekiel 5:1-17).

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Bible Verses About Grace: 12 Reasons Why Everyone Needs God's Grace, As Explained in Scripture

Grace is defined by the dictionary as "the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings." The Greek word for grace is "charis," which translates to kindness, gift, blessing, and favor. The Hebrew word for grace is "chen," which means favor. Nobody deserves God's grace, but everybody needs it. God made His grace available through Jesus Christ and continues to bestow blessings by grace. It is unmerited favor that cannot be attained by work, effort, or through achievement. Christianity Daily compiled a list of twelve Bible verses that explain God's grace to the undeserving.

Pastor Kim prayer4

Pastor Kim's Daily Prayer: You Desire to Save

Lord, who has provided this new day and is so full of grace and compassion -- I give you praise for leading us to repentance, that we may gain salvation, instead of punishing us according to our deeds.

Pastor Kim prayer3

Pastor Kim's Daily Prayer: Help Me to Be Awake

This morning is full of grace! God, I thank you that I am able to greet this blessed morning with your words of grace and your Spirit's guidance. God, even today, you work through those who faithfully spread your word and purpose so that the people of the world will not perish.

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