A small insurance company went against the Post-Roe world trend as it offers to pay for birth, adoption, and paternity and maternity leave for both new parents, while the rest of the high-profile global corporations promised to fund abortion in other states for workers and dependents.

After the United States Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe vs. Wade last May, Buffer Insurance, a small insurance company in Southlake, Texas, has taken the opposite direction from secular companies as they create programs and offer to fund various pro-life services like the medical cost of giving birth and adoption, and paid time off for parents with newborn babies,  The Blaze reported.

The insurance company, which believes that the most meaningful impact they can make is in the lives of others, took to Facebook posting "How Buffer Responds To Roe vs. Wade," and inviting employers and other companies to offer the same to their employees as they already have ready-to-use policies that they can be add to companies' employer handbook.

Culture Of Death

There are many major and big-name corporations, whose revenues are in billions of dollars and employees of 10,000 across the nation that are in favor of unrestricted abortion, and are willing to pay their employees to do the process in other states. Thus, pro-life groups and individuals have already labeled this current culture a "culture of death."

Known to be part of this culture are Apple, Uber, Amazon, Citigroup, CVS Health, JP Morgan, Meta (Facebook), Tesla, Paramount, Patagonia, Microsoft, Paypal, Starbucks, and Disney, but the first-ever to create this kind of policy was Dick's Sporting Good, according to Daily Wire.

CEO Lauren Hobart of Dick's Sporting Goods said that the company has "prepared to ensure that all of our teammates have consistent and safe access to the benefits we provide, regardless of the state in which they live."

While some of these companies have the same pro-abortion policies in place, others go beyond. An example of this is Patagonia and Tesla, which have announced that travel, lodging, and food are covered where restrictions exist.

Patagonia even extended its program by covering  "training and bail for those who peacefully protest for reproductive justice."

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Society Divided

As of writing, Buffer's post has already reached 4.2k reactions, 4.7k shares, and 810 comments that are divided among grateful people who had applauded their programs and those that criticized, asking why the programs were put in place just now when Buffer could have done and afforded it prior.

A certain Paul Saab commented, which started a long thread of comments and reactions, "Meta/Facebook does as well do many other tech companies do it. They support all aspects of women's health and give generous time off for new mothers and fathers. Are you giving 4 months off to new dads? You're doing the bare minimum and shouldn't be celebrated for something you should have done the day you founded your company. You're just trying to use this tragic ruling as a way to make yourself look good, but realistically you were not taking care of your employees from the very beginning."

On the other hand, there is Carla Stowers who complimented and thank Buffer for being a light, "While many other companies are promoting abortion, you are doing exactly what women and families really need." Further, she expressed her gratitude to the insurance company for affirming and valuing life, and ending the comment with a declaration telling them that their name deserves to be out there.

"I had to find out what kind of insurance you offer... will be following up to see about switching to you if possible. Thank you for making decisions for LIFE...in a culture of death it's beautiful to see," commented another one.

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