Sonya Curry indicated in her book "Fierce Love: A Memoir of Family, Faith, and Purpose," that she already scheduled an abortion when she was pregnant with now NBA superstar Stephen Curry.

In a podcast with Pastor Luke Norsworthy, Sonya discussed her journey of being a mother of two NBA players, her faith and past guilt, and her new book.

She shared that she tried aborting once and she planned to abort again during her pregnancy with Stephen Curry. However, the Holy Spirit seemed to speak to her saying, "God has another plan for that child." She then decided to continue her pregnancy at that time.

There wouldn't be Wardell Stephen Curry II if she went through that, she said. Her son is considered the greatest shooter in history and holds the record for most three-pointers.

Repentance Through Jesus Christ

Despite that, she said that she wasn't proud of all her past actions and acknowledged that they came with consequences. She said that she holds on to the promise of repentance through Jesus Christ when the shame creeps into her mind.

She admitted that she always thinks about her first baby and wonders where he or she is now or what he or she does. When a woman goes through that situation, it was something that would stay in their mind.

She got emotional on recalling her painful situation when she was about to abort another baby again. she admitted that she hates doing it again for the second time. Thereafter, she came to trust God and move forward with having the child be born.

She shared that God gives her peace of mind, encouraging people in hard situations that God's waiting for them to come to him.

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Finding Identity And Purpose

In her recent interview with Fox News, she opened up about struggling with her identity growing up. As a child, she went through a hard time fitting in with other children. Now that she had found her identity and purpose in Christ, her faith allowed her to be someone that God wants her to do.

Referencing Romans 8:28, the words of God helped her to become an intentional parent, noting that she learned to give her best at all times.

Aside from her new book, Sonya had established the Christian Montessori School of Lake Norman in Huntersville, North Carolina in 1995. Her three children Steph, Seth, and Sydel attended the school.

Her son, Steph is known as an outspoken Christian and uses his platform to point people to Jesus. He also led the Golden State Warriors to three NBA championships in 2014-2018 and the best regular-season record in league history (73-9) in 2015-2016. Despite the fame, Steph grew in fear of God and maintained his feet on the ground.

His second son, Seth plays for the NBA's Brooklyn Nets. He currently ranks third in NBA history in career three-point field goal percentage.

While, her daughter, Sydel played volleyball for Elon University. In 2013, she was named third-team All-America and first-team All-Southeast Region by the NCCSIA during her junior year.

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