A pro-life campaigner who used to be a "pro-choice Christian" wants people to see the truth in her new documentary film.

Tracy Robinson, the director, and producer of the upcoming documentary "The Matter of Life," never imagined she'd be dealing with the issue of abortion in her "wildest dreams," The Christians Post reported.

After working as a contractor in a pregnancy help center in California in 2016, she began working on the film that will be released later this month in theaters around the country. She was moved by what the charity was doing to aid women there. She admitted that, despite being an evangelical Christian, she was still on the fence and apathetic about the abortion problem. From being pro-choice beliver, she considered herself now to be pro-life.

In order for her to share the truth to others, Robinson made the film with her own money and the support of a few donors. Fathom Events will release it statewide on May 16 and 17 to show another facet of abortion. The documentary "The Matter of Life" humanizes both pro-choice and pro-life views.

It features research from LifeWay Research, in which approximately four out of every ten women who have had an abortion attended church at least monthly at the time of their abortion. The research also found that seven out of ten women who have had abortions were identified as Christians. Drawing onto that data, she recognized that churches must provide encourapregnant women who are considering abortion. It seemed to her that this film was being developed as a call to action for more Christians to address the issue of abortion.

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From Pro-Choice To Pro-Life

After being invited to an apologetics conference by a pregnancy center employee in 2016, her perspective shifted dramatically. After attending Stand to Reason's "The Case Against Abortion," she praised Alan Shlemon for his clear, simple argument for the comprehensive humanity of the unborn child from conception. "The truth struck me," she said.

That night, she had the inspiration to turn the message into a feature-length documentary, which she had downloaded. She realized there were a lot of young adults in the same situation who needed to be informed but were never. She said, perhaps they went to public school and their family or church never brought it up.

Robinson was intrigued as to how abortion came to be accepted and even legislated by society. She claimed she was unaware of Roe v Wade or the facts about Planned Parenthood. She discovered a multi-faceted pro-life movement and many strong and redeeming tales by reading books and watching YouTube videos. "And I wanted to tell that story, too."

Through her documentary, she discovered that when it comes to the abortion crisis, churches have a wonderful potential to love their congregation 40% more by supporting those in need, whether they are facing a pregnancy or have a terrible memory of abortion in the past.

She's pleased to report that many individuals who saw the film during a pre-screening were moved and encouraged to take action.

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