Baylor University men's basketball coach Scott Drew shares the importance of a relationship with God and other people in his new book “The Road to Joy.” He calls it "J.O.Y." - an acronym for "Jesus, Others, Yourself," as he describes in his book.

In his interview with The Christian Post, he said that time led people to become intimate with each other, knowing them personally. He discussed how entering the COVID-19 "bubble" in the fall of 2020 drew his team closer in unexpected ways as they prioritized Jesus and others on their journey to winning the NCAA Tournament in April 2021. He shared different experiences that he and his team bonded together and solved problems together.

Drew accepted Christ in the second grade, but it wasn't until after college that he began to mature in his faith, when he went on two Athletes in Action tours with Cru Ministries, then known as Campus Crusade for Christ. He became a passionate disciple of Jesus Christ who claims to value God beyond all titles, awards, and accolades.

He said that he lived by the principle "J.O.Y" which stands for "Jesus, Others, Yourself." He shared that this was also his inspiration for writing his book. He said that it's a culture he instills both within and outside the locker room.

He emphasized putting God first and others second, noting the two greatest commandments of Jesus - love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and love your neighbor as yourself. He said, "If you have that order right, then life is a lot more rewarding, fulfilling, and people want to be around you a lot more, that's for sure."

Drew claimed his father, Homer - the former head coach at Valparaiso and a member of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame - always wanted to write a book about his coaching career growing up in a Christian home, a desire Drew said he never really shared until now.

He admitted that he had never been enthusiastic about writing a book, but that once we won the championship, he thought it was the right time. It was clear to him that God wanted a book written to tell what He'd done and how He'd benefited them throughout their program.

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Drew Highlighted The Importance of Prayer

Drew's choice to accept the head coaching job at Baylor in 2002, even though the team was mired in a series of scandals involving drugs and even murder, turned out to be influenced by prayer.

Through his experience, he urged young coaches to go where God has called them, regardless of the outcome, as long as they are following His plan. "Every day's an adventure, and hopefully, you're putting on the armor of God," he said. He maintained that by doing their best in a short time on Earth, people could make a difference and be a positive influence.

"J.O.Y." has grown into a movement for the entire Baylor campus since Drew arrived two decades ago, and it has even been adopted by other NCAA coaches, business organizations, and families. He said that it taught him the importance of prayer especially when he faced an impossible task.

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