A Bible scholar and highly-acclaimed author from North Carolina urged pastors not to remain silent in the face of the evil the LGBTQ+ agenda is bringing to families and society.

In an op-ed published in The Christian Post's Voices on Sunday, "The Line Of Fire" radio talk host Michael L. Brown called on pastors to address the crisis parents currently face due to the indoctrination of children with the LGBTQ+ ideology.

"On behalf of many of your people who are hurting and really need help, I want to make this appeal: My brothers and sisters, at times like this, you simply cannot be silent," Brown said.

"What, exactly, am I speaking about? I'm speaking about LGBTQ+ issues and people. I'm speaking about the mothers and fathers facing crises within their own homes, not knowing where to turn. I'm speaking about the kids in school (from pre-K to college) who are getting indoctrinated with all the radical LGBTQ+ talking points until they have embraced them for themselves. I'm speaking about the family members that write to me in tears, sharing their own horror stories. That's why I say that, at times like this, you cannot remain silent," he elaborated.

Brown, who has authored more than 40 books, acknowledged the difficult and very busy lives pastors have in administering to the various needs of their congregation and church. The renowned author stressed that he does not want to add to the burden pastors already carry on their shoulders. He also commended pastors for their great work that requires a strong support team for them not to give up from burn out.

However, Brown also pointed out that there is a great evil breaking families apart that needs to be ministered to. He cited the reticence pastors have in talking about transgenderism and sexuality from the pulpit. He noted the negative consequences it brings to pastors and their church should they do so, which includes being branded as a bigot and homophobe. Not to mention the bad publicity and hateful attacks that come with it.

Brown also acknowledged the research the issue requires from pastors, despite lacking the time to do so. He admitted the ease of simply preaching about the Bible and focusing on the spiritual health of their flock than spending time with politics. Yet, the reality remains that human lives are at stake.

"The answer is that this is not a matter of politics, but one of human lives. The answer is that the Bible absolutely speaks with authority and relevance to these difficult cultural issues. The answer is, as representatives of Jesus, we can never avoid controversy and conflict. And the answer is that people in your own congregation are hurting, and you have a sacred responsibility to help them," Brown underscored.

An international speaker on cultural reformation and spiritual renewal, Brown shared several stories parents and various individuals personally recounted to him on the LGBTQ+ movement. Brown said the most recent story happened on April 24 when he was in a church near St. Louis where he preached. Some people wanted to talk to him afterward and one of them was a woman who shared her dilemma regarding her son.

The woman's son, roughly three or four years old, is enrolled in a private pre-school. One day, her son just announced that he was a girl and their teacher decided to teach transgender issues to the other kids. The teacher read to the children a book about a red crayon that felt like being a blue crayon. The book accordingly helps children understand that they might be trapped in the wrong body just like the red crayon. The teacher went on for weeks teaching the children about transgender issues before the parents learned about it.

Another woman approached Brown and relayed that she has been a high school employee since 2006. The new principal of the school, the woman said, only wanted to have gay faculty and would not want to hear any dissenting word from anyone about it.

Brown highlighted that the crisis is not limited to schools only but is already prevalent in the corporate world, such as in the financial sector. He cited his friend who had to leave Bank of America a few years ago because he was systemically pushed out for not professing as an LGBTQ+ ally. The same culture pervades Wells Fargo Bank where his driver previously worked for 41 years. His driver is grieved beyond words for the things that have changed in the bank due to LGBTQ+ activism.

Brown said the list of horror stories is endless and heartbreaking. He said he has not even scratched the tip of an iceberg, which is absolutely massive in size. He then reiterated that the people he mentioned are the same people who form part of a pastor's congregation. Ministering to these people could even save a person's life, which is the reason why pastors should not remain silent. He also said that the crisis is happening now because of all the years pastors "have failed to address the relevant biblical and cultural issues."

"I appeal to you, then, as a fellow worker in the Lord, please don't wait another minute. Ask the Lord for His wisdom and strategy, and then take the plunge. Our Father will be pleased, your people will thank you, and whatever opposition you endure will be worth it," Brown concluded.