Yearning for revival in America, the Rock Church in Virginia has organized a consecration gathering on Sunday.

Speaking to CBN News, Bishop Wellington Boone said that the current situation of the country shows that "it has not cried out to God" and lacks consecration. The event took place at 10:00 am on Oct. 10 for 10 hours.

Asked about the relevance of 10 in the occasion, Boone stated that it was inspired by the passage in John 10:10, noting the various issues that the nation is facing such as deaths due to the pandemic, problems in relationships, divorce, disasters and churches being "canceled."

"I'm saying when we consecrate ourselves to God, we see the potential greater than the challenge," he argued.

Holding that "God is ready" to do amazing things, he emphasized that the prayers of His people are necessary to make such happen.

"Revival has never come around our convenience, it's always come around our sacrifice. And right now, where darkness fills the earth and gross darkness is apparent, God says, 'That's when I lift up a banner.' God's never done great things through masses. He always does them through a remnant. I believe there are remnants of people crying out to God now because he seems to be the only solution," he explained.

He then pointed out that while no one knows what to do, God does.

The minister believed that the gathering would strengthen and transform God's people.

"I think what he's going to do is give people the renewed confidence that when God is on their side and they are on assignment, nothing is going to take them down. This next revival is not just a gathering or a meeting, it's a transformational revival. In other words, what we are becoming in God is greater than what we're going through."

In a statement on his Facebook page in August, the bishop compared the "Consecration Gathering" to the "camp meeting movement" that happened in America several years after it was founded. At the time, church leaders of different denominations have collaborated in urging people to hear the Word of God. The majority of the population eventually joined the movement and their dedication has resulted to cities being transformed by the LORD.

The minister declared that the works of the enemy and its evil plans fail when Christians live in accordance to God's standard and become "His light" to the world.

He concluded by encouraging believers that God can do greater things today in the country than what He did in the 1800s. Thus the need to consecrate themselves.

Boone is a full-time Biblical Strength Coach, training church leaders around the world. He wrote a couple of books, including "Your Wife Is Not Your Momma" and "Women Are Kingmakers." He is also the founder of Fellowship of International Churches, an organization of church leaders, Bible-based churches and Bible schools. As a bishop, he oversees churches and Bible schools in a number of states in the United States, as well as in other nations in Europe, Asia and Africa.