The March For Women and For Life held nationwide in Mexico last October 3 reportedly recorded a total of more than a million attendees.

Live Action announced the "amazing" news on Twitter on Sunday saying there were several marches held throughout Mexico in various locations, with a cumulative head count of over one million participants, all of whom expressing their solidarity with "life at all stages." The march in Mexico City alone registered over 300,000.

"AMAZING: Over one million people participated nationwide in Mexico's pro-life marches," the tweet read.

The March for Women and for Life comes two weeks after Mexico, renowned as the second largest Catholic country in the world, decriminalized abortion. The Mexican high court ruled "penalizing abortion as unconstitutional," a decision anticipated by many to lead to a full legalization of abortion in the country.

Coincidentally, a 7.1 magnitude hit Acapulco on the evening of the high court's decision and was followed by a display of "strange blue lights" in the sky that created an apocalypse scare among Mexicans.

One of the marches involved an ultrasound performed on a 38-weeks pregnant woman to enable the crowd to hear the unborn's heartbeat. Testimonials such as those of Mayela Sepulveda and husband Marical Padilla that highlighted the fight for life and how beneficial it is for the entire family.

Sepulveda's testimony with her husband involved Ana Paula, their nine-year-old daughter who previously experienced a "very severe brain injury." The couple revealed that their experience with their daughter who was "vulnerable" even while in the womb has taught them to love children who are sick infinitely. The couple also disclosed that life has a meaning despite all the challenges they faced while raising their daughter.

"She can't take care of herself, she needs everything from us. She is just as vulnerable as when she was a baby before birth or newborn. We have learned that love for a sick child can be infinite," the couple said during the march.

The march also featured pro-life advocates who gave a talk on abortion. One of the speakers in the event is Lianna Rebolledo and former Planned Parenthood Arizona employee Mayra Rodriguez.

Rebolledo, who is a victim of rape at the age of 12 that led her into becoming pregnant, spoke against the belief that abortion can be exempt for victims of rape.

Rebolledo cited the common belief that rape has already "destroyed a girl's life, that no one is going to love her, that she is no longer worthy, and that she should abort the baby." She said abortion would only hurt the rape victim twice. She shared that it was a good thing she was able to decide that she would not be able to accept the trauma of having an abortion that she was spared from further harm.

"Fortunately the fact that they told me that I was pregnant changed my life. Even as a 12-year-old girl, you ask yourself: Will getting an abortion take away the fact that I was raped? Will I forget the trauma? No, right?" Rebolledo disclosed during the march.