An American pastor shared a statement that helped change his life.

Speaking on the "Edifi With Billy Hallowell" podcast, Louie Giglio, pastor of Passion City Church in Georgia, talked about his new book, "Don't Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table: It's Time to Win the Battle of Your Mind."

Hallowell also reported about the interview on Faithwire.

The author revealed that the book is inspired by the nine words that his friend advised him at a time when he was suffering from depression:

"Don't give the enemy a seat at your table."

"Those words just cut through the cloud, cut through the clutter and all the angst and the frustration and the consternation..." Giglio said.

"... you've let the enemy sit down at your table and all this is coming from him and not your Father in heaven," his friend stated.

Realizing that his friend was right, the minister decided to take his thoughts and "table" back, refusing to give the enemy a seat on the "table." His decision led him to the Word of God, discovering the truth.

From that revelation, he wrote the book, hoping that others who may be undergoing the same circumstance will also be enlightened by his learnings.

He pointed out that people are living in a world where they are faced with spiritual battles, recalling the enemy's deception of Eve at the Garden of Eden. He then warned against the forces of darkness that wants to steal God's glory.

Wondering why the churches do not discuss about it and believers do not "wake up to its reality," the pastor noted that the enemy is causing people off track, which made the latter fail to recognize that they have an enemy who only aims to "steal, kill and destroy."

But he said that God is trying to help people in every way by making them realize about the spiritual battle, which Giglio is also trying to do through his book.

"I'm trying to help people wake up and to realize that, yes it's a battle but here's the biggest part - that they have the power and the possibility through Christ and the Spirit to win the battle of their mind[s]," he added.

Further, he emphasized that the enemy impacts the minds of people by lying to them, adding that Jesus already warned about the former as a murderer and "the father of all lies."

The minister said that the enemy's tactics involves making people afraid, anxious, doubt and angry, among others. But he stressed that everything the enemy says is a lie.

For believers to take control of their minds, the author advised some things.

First, they need to find believers who can love them and speak truth to them.

Next, they have to refuse accepting the "big lie" that they will never change.

Finally, they have to declare the Bible's statements of truth, alongside a friend who can help in the process.

Through his book, Giglio wanted people to live out their individual calling and invest their time in the world to glorify God.