A study reveals the sad reality that pornography has been largely accepted by modern society.

Christian Today highlighted that one in five adults or 5% of adults in the United Kingdom would actually consider a career in the porn industry based on a study by Savanta ComRes. The study also showed that 19% of Britons would accept a career in the porn industry if the price is right--or if the pay was high enough. Another reason they would accept it is if it would assure a safe environment for working.

The Savanta ComRes study underscored that 34% of respondents say pornography is acceptable. The study also revealed that of those who would consider a career in the porn industry, those belonging to the younger generation were more likely to do so based on the pay. Specifically, 32% of respondents aged 18 to 34, while 8% of those aged 55 and above, conveyed they will consider a career in pornography.

An interesting aspect of the study is that those who conveyed willingness to work in the porn industry disclosed they "would be concerned" should a family member take part in it as well. This concern, however, diminishes with age: 41% of those aged 18-34 say they would worry about it, while 59% of those aged over 55 expressed the same concern.

"Despite the apparent openness among many respondents to porn as a job, over half (51%) admitted they would be concerned if they discovered an adult family member was creating content on sites like Onlyfans or Pornhub," Christianity Today said.

Accordingly, the Savanta ComRes study was commissioned by the charity group Naked Truth Project to raise awareness about the harms of pornography. The survey was conducted on 2,087 adults from the United Kingdom and released prior to the organization's P Word Conference taking place online on September 28-30.

The Conference intends to tackle the hot issue of pornography within the bounds of community and the church. The event is said to be graced by more than a dozen coaches, expert therapists, and church leaders.

Naked Truth Project Founder Ian Henderson revealed in an interview with Christian Today that the study's findings are alarming amidst campaigns to end sex trafficking and pornography in the past months. Henderson revealed that pornography affects people of all ages creating consequences in relationships and affecting mental health.

"Over the past decade we have seen pornography become an increasingly acceptable part of modern society. There are people of all ages who are accessing explicit content on a regular basis--content that is having a tangible and detrimental impact on the relationships, mental health and self-worth of both viewers and those working in the industry," Henderson disclosed.

"It should be a concern that so many are open to pursuing a career in pornography," he stressed.

California-based Exodus Cry Director of Abolition Laila Mickelwait continues to lead the battle to end sex trafficking by petitioning the shut down of MindGeek's Pornhub. Mickelwait is also the founder of the #TraffickingHub movement and New Reality International.

Pornhub has been internationally known to be used as a platform for sexual exploitation, as well as, the trafficking of children and child abuse. Pornhub's sister company, XTube, was forced to close in July and anti-trafficking groups such as the National Center on Sexual Exploitation are expecting other MindGeek harcore porn sites--more than 160 of them--will follow suit. The Canadian Parliament has already conducted investigations on MindGeek following a series of lawsuits involving more than 700 sex abuse survivors.