A "Red Sea moment," according to Executive Producer Derral Eves of the phenomenally successful television series "The Chosen," inspired the decision to broadcast the show without charges or fees for viewers, a report says.

"Every time along the project, we hit a wall," he recalled to Faithwire. "It's what we call a 'Red Sea moment.' It's the moment we get to the Red Sea, we look behind us, you know, here's Egypt's army coming to attack us, and we just can't go anywhere."

"So we have to rely upon God to part the Red Sea so we can go forward," he added.

Faithwire noted that with the completion of its second season in early July, "The Chosen" has cemented its position as the "first multi-season program depicting the "life and ministry of Jesus."

"The Chosen's" season two finale premiered July 11 to a rousing response that executive producer Eves said he didn't expect until the conclusion of season three. The show has reportedly raised 56% of its fundraising target so far and is on track to meet its goal for season three.

While the series is available for free streaming, viewers are encouraged to "pay it forward" by sponsoring multiple episodes in order to help finance the remaining seasons.

It was "a very disruptive idea," Eves said, but at the same time "the right idea" to bring the program "to a billion people in every country, because that's the only way you could do that."

He admitted seeing "moments of frustration" while working on the show for the past three and a half years. However, he said that there have also been "moments of clarity" seeing miracles after miracles come in the process. Hence, Eves said that working on "The Chosen" series was "one of the most rewarding three and a half years that I've ever had."

Eves shared that everything had worked out for them after everyone on "The Chosen" team understood that "we're not in control of the ship."

"It makes it a little bit easier to crawl on glass, because that's what we do. We crawl on glass, but we realize it's not us that's leading it," he continued. "There's always something bigger or better. There's a new opportunity that we haven't even thought of, because we're not smart enough to figure out everything."

"When we recognize those moments, and we celebrate those moments, and we praise those moments, that's [what] gives us the most strength that we could ever have, because we can feel God's love," he added.

"The Chosen" series was one of IMDb's top-rated programs, with a 90.4% audience rating out of 16,475 votes cast. Similarly, Season 1 had a 99% audience rating from Rotten Tomatoes' 4672 user responses.

Fans may watch the whole show, including the latest episodes, for free via the mobile app which can be downloaded from either the App Store or Google's Play Store.