With the advancement of censorship, especially financial curtailment, Christian-owned free speech platform Gab came up with their own alternative payment system, GabPay.

According to a Daily Caller article, ADL and PayPal launched a new project on Monday aimed at identifying and eliminating "extremist and hate movements" on PayPal's platform.

American Greatness notes that the collaboration, led by the ADL's "Center on Extremism," will include the ADL's research on the use of PayPal's services by suspected extremists, as well as a commitment to provide results to lawmakers and law enforcement in order to help cut extremist and hate groups off from their funding sources.

Among those that has been barred from using PayPal since 2018 was the social media platform Gab.

On August 1, Gab CEO Andrew Torba shared details about how far they have come in their battle against "global elites" in another of their numerous projects, announcing that they are nearing completion on their alternative to PayPal, GabPay.

"At the moment we are jumping through a lot of legal and regulatory hoops, but things are moving quickly. Building your own Paypal is not as simple as 'build the software and ship it.' The software side for GabPay is actually done already and works great. It's the red tape that takes time," he explained.

"An alternative to Paypal has never been more important now that the ADL will be combing through your financial transactions and ruining people's lives for financially supporting people and organizations they don't like," he added.

PayPal has blocked Gab from its platform since 2018 and several other payment networks, including Stripe, Square, and Coinbase, have done the same.

Despite running a completely legitimate American company that offers software services and merchandise, Torba said they were also banned from taking credit and debit card payments for the sales of their products on the internet. Fortunately, they had cheques and bitcoin as alternatives.

God used what was intended to be evil for good

Torba stated that he is, in fact, grateful that PayPal suspended Gab for years, since it safeguards their client base from the ADL's malicious gaze.

"As always, God had a plan and getting banned only led us to build GabPay," he said.

He also said that they aim to debut before the end of the year. He's simply letting the public know that steps are being taken to combat financial privacy concerns, such as the ADL and PayPal initiative.

"At Gab we are builders," Torba went on. "We don't sit around and whine about problems, we actively build solutions to those problems."

"Gab is the only community with a proven track record of not bending the knee to groups like the ADL and we've paid the price dearly for it by getting banned from every app store, payment processor, and even banks because of it. Despite it all we continue to survive and thrive by the grace of God and thanks to the support of people like you," he added.

Those interested in contributing to Gab's goal of establishing GabPay may sign up for Gab and upgrade to GabPRO for $15 per month, or they can make a donation/purchase from the Gab Shop.