Samuel Sey, a Ghanaian-Canadian dedicated to using biblical theology to confront "racial, cultural, and political issues," wrote of God's uncompromising love for the LGBT people.

In an op-ed for Slow to Write and re-published by the Christian Post on July 28, Sey argued that God is not embarrassed of the Gospel nor of His written Word. Thus, he maintained that God is not afraid to tell people about "good things that might offend them."

"God isn't tempted to lie about pornography, fornication, adultery-and especially, homosexuality, and transgenderism," he wrote.

"He loves sinners too much for that," he added. "God isn't tempted to hide His love, mercy, and grace from homosexual and transgender people. God isn't like you and me. God loves LGBTQ people more than we do. So we should act like it."

The way to do that, according to Sey, is to remember the truth found in 1 Corinthians 13:16 which states that "love does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth."

"It's not loving to lie to LGBTQ people," he went on. "It's not loving to encourage people to commit sexual sin. It's not loving to encourage people to reject who God made them to be."

Sey argued that God created male and female not just for reproduction, but also because it is in his flawless plan that women become "helpers fit for" men, rather than men to men or women to women.

"Therefore, we hate LGBTQ people when we encourage them to be what God hasn't created or loved them to be," he claimed.

The sympathetic Christians

Sey explained why Christians are more inclined to sympathize with or embrace "homosexuality and transgenderism." He said that this is because contemporary culture glorifies both, presenting "evil as good and good as evil."

He mentioned one comment on his Instagram post regarding homosexuality as an example. The questioner wanted his Biblical viewpoint on how gays who have come to Christ may proceed with their lives. However, the person noted that it is sad if only heterosexual relationships are permitted since the Bible defines them as such.

Based on this, and some other Christians' responses to his previous Instagram post on homosexuality, Sey found out that many professing Christians are "tempted" to dispute the Bible claims about such issues.

A survey conducted by Pew, which Sey also cited, found that 54% of professing Christians think homosexuality "should be accepted," with just 38% believing it should not be tolerated.

With such a high percentage among many professing Christians, Sey believes that these Christians are acting in a way that suggests they love LGBTQ people more than God does.

"God loves LGBTQ people more than we do," he reasoned. "So let's believe what He says in the Bible,"

For Sey, speaking the truth is an important element of loving the LGBTQ community.

"If we refuse to tell LGBTQ people the truth, we're refusing to love them," he said. "If we want to love LGBTQ people (and all sinners) like God does, we would tell them suffering temporarily in this world by obeying God is better than suffering forever in hell by disobeying God."