An American woman shared her story on the search for her roots after being sold by an abortion clinic as an infant.

Speaking to The Christian Post, Jane Blasio shared about God's faithfulness throughout the journey of finding her past.

"God's been there from the beginning. He's proved, over and over again, that He does not need me to be strong. He just needs me to lean into Him and let Him be strong for me. He has redeemed so many parts of my life and been faithful, even when I have not," she declared.

In a statement to People, she revealed that in 1971, her adoptive parents, Jim and Joan, told her and her sister that they were adopted. She was only six years old at that time.

Blasio started her search when she was a teenager and realized that her story is a strange case. She discovered that she was one of the 200 babies sold by an illegal abortion clinic, owned by Thomas Hicks.

Jim knew that Hicks' operation was illegal but wanting to make his wife happy who just wanted a baby, they proceeded with the adoption.

Blasio said that she researched about the clinic and Hicks, who died in 1972, through a local library. After the death of her adoptive mother in 1988, she made an in-depth investigation by visiting the clinic in Georgia and gathered information from the locals.

She learned that the abortionist performed the operation illegally by forcing vulnerable women to undergo the procedure, carrying out medical malpractice and exploiting poor patients. The babies who were carried to term were sold in an illegal adoption process.

She lamented that Hicks was able to operate because no one bothered "to stop him."

 Blasio shared that despite what happened, she was still able to forgive him because of her relationship with the Lord. She stated,

"If you're a believer, forgiveness is not just an option; God says we've got to do that. But the best thing about forgiveness is you get to choose to forgive someone, and then once you've chosen to forgive them, God will stand there for you and help you come around to a full circle and even help you love them."

Her investigative work has led to other individuals, adopted through Hicks' clinic, to also find their own biological parents and relatives. With it, she also gained good friends and found Christ.

Though she abandoned the Christian faith at 21, she found her way back to God after 14 years when she responded to the call of the Holy Spirit to return "home."

Blasio chronicled her experience through the book, Taken at Birth.


Jane Blasio's book
Jane Blasio's book "Taken At Birth" (Amazon)



She wrote the book to encourage other people that regardless of their past and challenges, there is hope through Jesus Christ.

"I want them to know what unconditional love is, and I want them to seek it through Jesus Christ. There is nothing more important than then getting to know Christ and accepting Him as Lord. And that's the most important discovery I've made in my life," Blasio concluded.