Detransitioned author and speaker Walt Heyer, who had undergone gender-reassignment surgery and lived eight years as a transgender woman before detransitioning back to being a man, is helping to sound the alarm on members of the medical community who campaign for kids to pursue transgenderism.

In a recent article, he details the experience of a mother who fought back against psychiatrists who diagnosed her daughter with gender dysphoria and campaigned to change her gender.

According to WND, the mother was successful in deterring the therapists who tried to keep the parents away from the child and indoctrinate her with transgender ideology about changing her gender so she could live her allegedly authentic self.

Both the mother and daughter were not named, but the mother had approached Heyer to share her story, which he in turn shared with the world in an article for The Federalist.

Based on the mother's experience, Heyer outlined the five steps on how trans kids are manufactured and how parents can prevent that from happening.

The first step Heyer reported was isolating the child and keeping him or her away from their parents. He called it an "excellent strategy to manufacture trans kids." Without their parents, children are easily guided, manipulated, or exploited to say yes to things that they are not aware have life-changing, permanent changes.

The mother said that her daughter, thereby referred to as "Mindy," was struggling after she changed schools, left her friends behind, and dealt with COVID lockdowns. Her daughter was first diagnosed with anxiety and depression. But after being isolated "for six days in the hospital from her parents, who were refused updates," Mindy's parents decided to pull her out of treatment.

The second step was the immediate diagnosis of gender dysphoria. What they believed was anxiety and depression quickly escalated to gender dysphoria in a 10 year old girl.

The mother said that she felt like the counselors did not listen to her report that her child had undergone stress from all the changes in her life. The counselors instead immediately leaped to the conclusion that she had gender dysmorphia and Asperger's on top of generalized anxiety disorder.

The third step on how trans kids are manufactured, according to Heyer, is to affirm their cross-sex identify. Affirming or recognizing that a child wants to be the opposite sex has an effect of them.

Studies have shown that affirming a child's cross-sex identity "alters the child's psyche and puts a child on the path to living as transgender," Heyer noted. At times, schools and parents encourage a child's dysphoria by allowing them to cross-dress, unaware that "most gender-confused children will re-identify with their natural sex during puberty."

Mindy's therapist informed her parents that she wanted to be called by a male name. This is when her mother fought back and decided never to take her back to the therapist again.

The fourth step on how trans kids are manufactured is glorifying trans identities through the media such as television, YouTube videos, video games, and educational materials, Heyer argued. He cited that online communities and popular apps are "incubators, chock-full of transgender-pushing accounts ready to indoctrinate a vulnerable child."

The last step on how trans kids are manufactures is to vehemently oppose differing ideas. Often, these differing ideas are conservative, traditional ideas that condemn transgenderism as unnatural.

Today's cancel culture labels anyone who opposes the transgender narrative as "transphobic" and are then ostracized. Heyer himself said he was branded as transphobic for sharing his personal experience of transitioning and detransitioning. With common sense and love, this trangenderism campaign in children can be fought and won, Heyer noted,

Heyer shared that the mother took her child away from the "harmful influence of trans-affirming health professionals, then sat quietly with her daughter and listened with love. It worked."

Mindy later admitted that she was not trans, further driving home the point that it was her former therapist who was pushing transgenderism ideals onto a 10 year old child.