Razer has just released its latest entry for the wearable device market.

But, according to the company, the Nabu Watch is not a smartwatch. Instead, it's a smart watch.

So what's the difference between these two terms? Razer noted that the Nabu Watch is not like the other smartwatches available in the market today that are too focused on the online and social aspects of wearable devices.

Instead the Nabu Watch still functions like traditional timepieces. It's also designed to look like a rugged watch made for active users instead of having a sleek look like the Apple Watch. As for its "smartness," the Nabu is capable of displaying notifications, text and email messages, and incoming calls, according to a hands-on report by Slash Gear.

Despite being known as a gaming hardware manufacturer, the features of the Nabu Watch is designed for fitness activities, like most smarwatches available in the market today. It also has built-in features that can monitor number of steps taken, distance walked, calories burnt and hours slept by the user.

But, the probably the most impressive feature of the Nabu Watch is its battery life. According to CNET, the wearable device is equipped with two batteries. The first one is an internal rechargeable battery that powers up the smart features of the device and can last for about seven days. But even if this battery runs out of juice, you'll still be able to use the device's chronograph features through its second power source that can keep the watch ticking for up to a whole year.

"When most smartwatches have to be recharged after a day's use, the Nabu Watch stays on your wrist and keeps going forever," Razer wrote on the device's website. "A year-long battery life makes it a highly reliable timepiece, while the secondary screen need only be charged once a week."

As for its other features, the Razer Nabu Watch sports a 128x16 OLED screen and wireless syncing mobile capabilities via Bluetooth LE. It is compatible with mobile devices running on iOS 8 and Android 4.3 or higher.

 It is also waterproof up to depths of 50 meters and can survive drops from a height of five meters.

The Nabu Watch is expected to debut later this month for $150. Its more rugged counterpart, the Nabu Watch Forged Edition with machined stainless steel buttons is now available for purchase at a price of $200.