Five days after the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade making abortion illegal, the phrase "We Will Adopt Your Baby" trends on Twitter and stirred a serious debate, highlighting some pressing issues.

Noelle Fitchett, student, writer, and commentator, as she described herself on her Twitter account, posted Saturday a picture of a couple holding a banner, which stated "We Will Adopt Your Baby" in front of the Supreme Court, with the caption, "My favorite sign yesterday," referring to the rallies that happened Friday in front of the Court after the decision was made.

The said photo as well as the phrase "We Will Adopt You Baby" "broke" the Twitter world and garnered different reactions, comments, and even memes and other photoshopped images, Daily Dot reported.

What became the most controversial though is when the public found out who the couple was and that the possibility for this couple to adopt is actually very low.

The couple in the photo is Twitter user Sebaldo de Weert and his wife. When asked if they have already experienced adoption while pointing out that there are millions of children waiting to be adopted and require a good home, de Weert tweeted, "It is not so easy for us because we are not American citizens, and besides, the adoption process is costly. If you want to help us achieve it, we are open to receive it with much love," to which a lot have reacted surprisingly.

People from Twitter have been calling them hypocrites, liars, putting on a show, no heart for women or adoptees, and questioning why they are intervening against American rights when they are not even citizens of the nation and why can't they adopt a child in the country they are citizens of, as shown on the post's thread.

De Weert responded that he cares little about virtual hate but is upset about the harassment her wife is getting on Twitter.

Adoption Answer To Abortion?

In an article written by Kristin Fasy, an adoptive mom, and director of Raise the Future, in NBC News, she claimed coming from experience, she knows well that adoption will not fix the lack of abortion access."

"He is not 'lucky.' He will never 'adjust.' Adoption is trauma, and no child or birth parent should ever have to go through it," the adoptive mom to a now 11-year-old son claimed, as she narrated how people exclaim that her son is lucky for being adopted, how her son was actually angry and bitter during the start, fighting them off with "intense rages" and how it took her a year to find an adoption-literate therapist at $200 a week and more than a year to find a trauma-trained caregiver to help them with the healing of their son.

She went on to say that they are the lucky ones, his adoptive family, but their greatest joy of having him as part of the family comes with trauma, not only his and theirs but also of his biological family, and that has changed them forever. "Our son did not get to choose, and soon thousands of infants and birth mothers may not have a choice, either," Fasy declared.

These were Fasy's reactions when many pro-life activities were calling adoption the "antidote" for abortion.

She specifically pointed out the comment of Republican Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson last May on ABC News' "This Week" stating that increase in maternal health and adoption services is his solution if abortion will be outlawed. Fasy said that he was not able to provide details on what specific adoption service he will invest in or the plans on where he is going to get his budget for this project as if Hutchinson did not think of his plans carefully.

Further, she said that the governor does not recognize what the adoption services entail, and how they can never make amends for the difficulties adopted children or their parents face.

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Not An Easy Solution But A Possible, Beautiful One

"Adoption, a fraught reality for many that is made more complicated because it contains both beauty and pain, should never be propped up by lawmakers as the easy solution," Fasy declared.

On the other hand, Hollywood stars such as Kirk Cameron and Lisa Robertson, are inspiring and calling people to be pro-life and pro-adoption. 

In can be recalled last January that both these actors attended the 47th March For Life held in Washington, D.C., where they shared about the beauty of choosing life and adoption. 

Cameron, who is also a Christian activist said, "The Bible--the book that built America--says that those who hate God love death, but we're the family of faith. We love God, therefore, we love life. And our hope is not in the White House. It's not in Congress. Our hope is not in the people who govern us or the laws that we make in this nation. Our hope is in the power of God working in the hearts of his people," as quoted from an article here in Christianity Daily. 

He also shared about how her wife, Chelsea, who was planned to be aborted by her mother but was put for adoption instead, being the main reason why the couple pursued adoption for their first four children, before haveing two biological kids. He told the crowd that the reason his wife and his six children are existing today is because of loving, compassionate and courageous people who chose and fought for life over abortion. 

Moreover, because of his strong belief in adoption, the actor and producer teamed up with top-grossing Christian movie producers Kendrick Brothers to do a film entitled "Lifemark", which is based on a true story about the value of every life, the beauty of adoption and how one's life can have a powerful impact on others. 

Lisa Robertson, of " Duck Dynasty" fame, shared on the same stage her abortion trauma and how this haunts her every single day of her life. She insisted that what abortion clinics say about being able to forget what happened and being able to go back to her normal life are all lies. She called people to fight for the sanctity of life and for pro-life Christians to be also pro-love. 

"Be pro-love and pro-life in a pro-hate and pro-choice world (and) be pro-adoption as well. Decide today, right herethat you'll take up this fight for the life of the unborn and the countless women who will suffer as I have because of their decisions, speak truth, speak life, speak love, and speak Jesus and seek Jesus," Robertson boldly declared.

In another article, NBC News presented a study by Gretchen Sisso, a sociologist from the University of California San Francisco whose research focus includes pregnancy decision-making, revealing that the number of adoption could increase significantly in a post-Roe world, even reaching the level before Roe vs. Wade ever happened.

Sisson who has also studied the adoption system extensively stated that much of the adoption industry, the majority by religious and anti-abortion adoption agencies, will be able to step up immediately because there are a lot of prospective adoptive parents in waiting.

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