Celebration was in the air Friday for Christian leaders of various denominations after Supreme Court ruled on overturning Roe v. Wade yet they reminded the public there is so much work to be done. 

Time proclaimed that for some people of the faith,  the decision was a victorious end to a long, arduous battle against the horrific violation on the most vulnerable's human rights. 

Christian leaders rejoiced over the victory and expressed this on social media, all grateful for justice and the protection of human life, and all ready to do the hard work and the added work to honor life and protect both baby, women and men both in the states and local communities. 

'Make Abortion Unimaginable'

In a Twitter post, author and professor at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary Karen Swallow Prior proclaimed that the real work is just starting, not only should motheers, fathers and babies be helped and supported, but they should be loved most of all to finally make "abortion unimaginable."

Lila Rose, president and founder of the anti-abortion organization Live Action also went to Twitter and posted, "Our work is just beginning."

She also said that children will live as the nation has taken an important step forward in protecting innocent lives because of the Court's decision, specifically pointing out that "distinct human life begins at the moment of fertilization" as science has proven. This will be the start of protecting children regardless of their age from the "horrors of abortion and the abortion industry.

Further, she stated that the pro-life movement is just getting started as the decision is just the first step and not the final victory as America's largest states nmely California. Illinois and New York will still legalize and subsidize abortion. Final victory and true justice will only be held once the Supreme Court acknowledges that born or pre-born, every American has the right ot be protected by the 14th Amendment, Christian Headlines reported. 

Roland Warren of Care Net described last Friday as a monumental day and offered continued support to 1,200 affiliated pregnancy centers, a national hotline, and their growing network of churches who have been consistent and selfless in offering compassion, hope, and help to men and women in the danger of abortion. This is after the president and CEO warned that "changed laws don't equal changed hearts," explaining that the Court, even with their decision, will not be able to ultimately stop unplanned and complicated pregnancies. Thus, people will still have to make difficult decisions during pregnancy making their organization more critical and needed than ever.

The president of Samaritan's Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Franklin Graham posted on his Facebook account that the U.S Supreme Court has announced the one of the most important decision in his lfetime,   and provided numbers to express his relief stating that there were over 63 million deaths of innocent babies during the 49 years that Roe vs. Wade reigned.

However, he also expressed his sadness saying that he acknowledges that the decision of the Supreme Court is not the end of abortion and that the battle is just pushed back to the states. Thus, there is still a battle, and so his prayer is for every state to create laws that will protect every child in the womb and that will value life and acknowledge the rights of the most vulnerable in the nation, as reported by Christian Post

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, was another that took to his Twitter account to share his joy over the news, posting, "Praise God! The Lamb's Agenda was accomplished today and countless lives are saved. Now we must step up, proving ourselves pro-life from the womb to the tomb. My prayer is that people of all ages, races, and religions will find compassionate care from the church at every turn."

Pro-life activist and evangelist Alveda King, emailed the Christian Post to expressed that she have longed and praye for this day of victory, and that she will not stope being a warrior fighting for everyone's human dignity from the womb to the tomb. 

She labeled abortion a "hate crime" and argued that "nothing has wreaked havoc on the black community and destroyed black lives more than the abortion industry."

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But Not All Religious Leaders

According to Time, there are also a number of religious leaders and non-leaders that, instead of celebrating, are grieving the loss of a significant and critical legal protection for women, especially the most vulnerable.

Public Religion Research Institute released a survey which stated that 43% of Americans who strongly identify with their religious identity believe that Roe v. Wade should not have been overturned.

The research also stated that a majority of 56% of U.S. Catholics, where 30% only of this number attend weekly mass, believe that abortion should be legal. The majority of the mainline protestants, 60%, also favor abortion being legal while only 30% of white evangelical protestants do. Moreover, a small maljority of Muslims and a larger one from the Jews also believe in the legalization of abortion in most cases. 

The report was also able to note that there is a "genuine theological disagreement among scholars as to what their sacred texts say" when discussing when human life begins.

The anti-abortion group would tend to quote Psalm 139:13 stating that life begins in the womb as God begins to form a person when he/she is being "knit together in the womb."

The pro-supporters, however, would point to the Old Testament in Exodus 21:22 stating that the "law allows a person who causes a woman to have a miscarriage to be merely fined rather than face the more serious consequences for murder."

Muslim scholars have also disagreements on the Quranic view of when life begins.

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